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{article/topic_title} Supporters 9.1.2 Released

Posted by Phoenix on (4749 views)
Supporters is a companion to Treasury. It operates directly from the core ranks table, and provides an easy way of ensuring your donation ranks are up to date. Many thanks to hqarrse for stimulating my brain cells and providing feedback :) Available Here Support Here

{article/topic_title} BlogsPlus 9.1.1 Released

Posted by Phoenix on (4123 views)
An upgrade of Ians' enhanced version of the Blogs module by Trevor. Aside from the general update for DragonflyCMS 9.1.x, enhancements include collapsible Blogs on the main page, plus the ability to add a Group that can edit/remove blogs/comments. Available Here Support Here

{article/topic_title} IP Tracker 9.1.1 Released

Posted by Phoenix on (4303 views)
Track your visitor's IP and module access. Supports server time offset and uses unix time. Ability to exclude individual IPs and hosts as well as all bots. Available Here Support Here Many changes in this release, mainly because I didn't release a couple of upgrades, some of which are:

{article/topic_title} Jokes 2.0.4 Module

Posted by PeLLaRaS on (4728 views)
There is a new version of the Jokes 2 module that fixes the problems with the new version of dragonfly cms v.9.1.1 The changelog: v.2.0.4 - Fixed a class conflict with dragonfly cms v.9.1.x - Fixed the insert_id error - Added the ability to allow enhanced content (pictures, flash, etc) when posting a joke - When installing the module, all the blocks will be enable in the module by default if the dragonfly cms version is 9.1.1 or newer - Made some corrections to the English language file You can download Jokes v.2.0.4 from here If there is any other problem, please let me know

{article/topic_title} BizStore (Amazon) 9.1.2 Final Release

Posted by Phoenix on (4387 views)
BizStore is now publicly available. Some minor bug fixes and Price Check is now optional. Available Here Support Here
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