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{article/topic_title} dragonfly-cookbook universal content module alpha v0.0.1

Posted by dragonfly-cookbook.com on (3945 views)
The universal content module is out ... uuuh whats that? hehe its a module to manage content, like the news or links module but the idea is that you can reuse the module for every kind of content instead of having to use a lot of different modules, the advantage is that if you update a feature of the module every content will be able to use it, the disadvantage is that the module perhaps needs more resources compared to a "simple" module. I release a first alpha for every one who wants to see what i have done so far. I hope to have a first release candidate at the end of the year. Download is here: DCU Project Page with a full description can be found here: DCU Project Please report bugs and request new features, it would really help me ;)

{article/topic_title} BizStore 9.1.1 Preliminary Release

Posted by Phoenix on (4238 views)
BizStore is available to registered members for testing and feedback. BizStore is a compeletely tableless and templated design with zero database queries. It features Amazon's latest ECS4 feeds which replace the old AWS3 used in Amazilla, which will eventually become redundant when Amazon ceases all support. Google Adsense is integrated, along with a Price Check mechanism. Available Here Support Here

{article/topic_title} Syndicated News Feeds 9.1.0 Released

Posted by Phoenix on (4537 views)
Alex's nifty CPG-Nuke module has now been converted to DragonflyCMS 9.x This module is designed to manage RSS/XML feeds. With it, you can:
  • Display multiple feeds on one page.
  • Create blocks with multiple feeds (see example blocks)
  • List your news feeds
Available Here Support Here

{article/topic_title} Shout board using a voice recorder

Posted by radiogetswild on (4603 views)
Hi everyone I recently come across http://www.mychingo.com/ which i found to be a shout board with a voice recorder of which has copy paste code in so everyone can add into or make a block ...see here Shout with recorder I am using this as a voice testimonial Now this would be really nice if dragonfly programmers ported this service. Have a wicked Christmas and new year everyone from Tim Radio Gets Wild
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