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{article/topic_title} Subscriptions Module Update

Posted by scetter on (2534 views)
Recently a member of the community has pointed out a potential security issue in the subscriptions module. Though I am glad to say I havn't had any reports of this being abbused it is strongly recomended that you upgrade to the latest release of 2.2.1

{article/topic_title} DF_Skype Module

Posted by djdevon3 on (2229 views)
DF_Skype is now available for download from DFAddons.com or Treasure Coast Designs Easily show and administrate your skype contact to the world. It's just a basic module right now. Will be adding more features to it in the future.

{article/topic_title} Subscriptions module Version change

Posted by scetter on (3302 views)
Hi all, There is now an upgrade for the subscriptions module! :smile: At version 2.2.0 now, some needed changes have been made. New Version Download Read on for changes details

{article/topic_title} Profile Pro Alpha Released!

Posted by dcollis on (2423 views)
We know its been a long wait for this much requested module. The idea of a user customisable profile module for Dragonfly was first suggested on the dfbounty forums in March this year and progress was slow to non-existent until the fivemind team made headway by starting from scratch in late April. Two months of solid development (yes, with the odd stall here and there) and we're ready for an alpha release. You can try it out here. Download it here (installation instructions in the Readme) and read the documentation. Most importantly, tell us of any bugs or feature requests.

{article/topic_title} Combined module is released

Posted by Pitcher on (2466 views)
The new module is called Combined, and is now released. The module combines: Latest News Most Read News 10 Last Forum Posts Most Popular Download Newest Download Random Picture from Gallery And 10 more News stories in 2 rows. The module require that you have Coppermine and Downloads Pro installed (This may change in the future). The layout can be fully customized since this module use the dragonfly theme system. Read more and download it here.
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