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{article/topic_title} ProBanner Module released

Posted by scetter on (2925 views)
ProBanner (AKA Proper_Banner v2) is a new version of Proper_Banner. More features added to optimize your control. Read on for details. Download Here

{article/topic_title} Very important upgrade for Proper_Banner

Posted by scetter on (3021 views)
Recently a bug was found in the latest version of the proper_banner module. :neutral: This bug will send multiple emails when a members campaign has expired. These multiple emails could bring down a server on a very busy site!!!! It is very important to upgrade to the fixed code!! You can get the latest fix here. The upgrade

{article/topic_title} Subscriptions Module 2.0.0

Posted by scetter on (4076 views)
Version 2.0.0 is here!! CCbill has been tested and confirmed to be working! Down load HERE

{article/topic_title} CCBill integration for Subscriptions module

Posted by scetter on (5367 views)
What? Another upgrade!!!! Yes, but this one is just for webmasters that want to use CCBill in the Subscriptions module! Subscriptions Version 1.4.0 is an upgrade from 1.1.0 or fresh install!

{article/topic_title} Df_Subscriptions 1.0.RCx released

Posted by scetter on (2689 views)
I have released a candidate of the Subscritions module that I have been working on. This module uses paypal to allow users to pay for a subscrition on your site and moves them to a user group that the admin has created. Still some work to do but it works fine as far as I can see. You can Down load it here... Cheers 8-)
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