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{article/topic_title} Downloads Pro Beta 2 Released!

Posted by Trevor on (4789 views)
Downloads Pro Beta 2 released! Changes in this version: - new screenshot viewer for viewing multiple screenshots (example) - remote md5 sums - many bug fixes Download now! Please report bugs here

{article/topic_title} Forums Pro Release news

Posted by Rayvenhaus on (3822 views)
It appears that the holidays did in fact break the planned release date of the long anticipated Forums Pro At the last minute, after the majority of the dev team had gone off for the holidays, a significant bug was discovered in the sub forums code and I decided to not allow the 'We are all Jelly Donuts' release of 'Gaia' aka 'ForumsPro'to hit the streets. I thought it better to hold the release than release something that is buggy. It's not the "professional" thing to do! :) Anyways, this release will come off in the next few days as soon as the dev team gets back to work and I'm sure you'll be dutifully impressed. We are, as always, running the most current snapshot from the CVS server at the MwA Website.

{article/topic_title} Myndworx Asylum releases first module

Posted by Rayvenhaus on (2906 views)
I was going to make a large flowery semi-humorus post but it seems that those just confuse people so I'll be straight to the point on this one! :-D Myndworx Asylum is releasing it's first module, Contacts Pro and it can be seen here! Registration is required for download and you can expect other modules to be released very, very soon. Upcoming modules include: Cafepress Store Pro Events Pro Fictioneer Pro Forums Pro Surveys Pro Topsites Pro Weblinks Pro

{article/topic_title} MyStatus Module

Posted by djdevon3 on (2727 views)
A new original module is born only for DragonflyCMS. Show off your project status to the rest of the Dragonfly Community! I've been working on it for a while now so you can see a working version in my forum signature here. Thank You: Maze for opening the door with StatSig. Phoenix for hounding me about being 3kb above the size limit. ;) Biggles for correcting the status switch. and DarkGrue who helped me most of the way through it. Now all you dev's get to using it so people will stop hounding you about your projects. :-D

{article/topic_title} Newsletter Pro Has Arrived!

Posted by Mystic on (4172 views)
I'm proud to announce the first completed bountied project on DF Bounty, Newsletter Pro by Musox!
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