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{article/topic_title} Rock the Vote!!!

Posted by Rayvenhaus on (3029 views)
Well, it's not the run for the White House, but it's a heck of a lot more important in our eyes! :-D Now that the "Great Rename the Bulletin Board" survey is compelted, we've compiled the names sugegsted and created another survey. This time, however, it's not just a survey. You'll be voting on the future name of the Forums that we are programming for the Dragonfly CMS (Currently called CPGBB). To take part in this epic endeavor, simply visit this link and register with a valid email address. A token will be sent to that address and you'll be able to vote. This is done to ensure that the standard of "One Person, One Vote" holds true. I strongly suggest that you take part in this and let your voice be heard!

{article/topic_title} The Results are in!!!!!!!! (Part Duex)

Posted by Rayvenhaus on (2720 views)
The results from the surveys are in and tabulated. Screen shots have been included to show you how the voting went. I'd like to thank each and everyone of you that voted in these surveys. It helps us to know what you want and what you think. Everything's inside, come on in and read all about it! :-D

{article/topic_title} Forum Developers wanted!

Posted by Rayvenhaus on (2472 views)
Now that the survey is all most over and the results will soon be in, it's time to gather a cadre of talented and enthusiastic programmers to take the forums of Dragonfly to the next level. If you'd like to be part of that team, drop a PM to Rayvenhaus here or in email to rayvenhaus at lbworld dot org. Let me know what your qualifications are, how long you've been a php/mysql programmer, what projects you've worked on, how long you've been hacking at Dragonfly, etc, etc.

{article/topic_title} DFBounty.org Launched

Posted by Mystic on (3400 views)
A new website has publically launched today called DF Bounty. The goal of the website is to offer a place for programmers and users to come together to get their projects made by having the user place a bounty on the need. This allows users to get the projects they need coded, and a programmer can find something someone really needs instead of chasing after random wants. Stop by DF Bounty and see what we have to offer you.

{article/topic_title} DFMods.com Launched.

Posted by Kuragari on (3373 views)
http://www.DFMods.com was launched early this morning with the goal of becoming the one stop shop for all your Dragonfly accessories, whether it be Modules, Blocks, Themes, Mods or Hacks.
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