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{article/topic_title} New Dragonfly-Only Mods Site

Posted by Dantarion on (3212 views)
Mods.Dantar.net - DantarMods
A new Dragonfly-only mods site has begun! It will be a site for discussing the development of new modules. The forums section for blocks/modules here is filled with module requests, at this new site, we will try to keep requests to a minimum and development to the maximum. Mods Currently in Development: DragonCASH: A Dragonfly Points System CVSView : A Wiki Module Development System Please come visit the site....
Mods.Dantar.net - DantarMods

{article/topic_title} RSS Module Version 2.3 Released

Posted by Jordo on (3122 views)
RSS version 2.3 has been released and is available at CPG Nuke Downloads Features include: -Submit, categorize, rate, comment on, view user submitted RSS Feeds!! -bbcode -admin configurable html on/off -assign groups to RSS Feeds and categories so that only members of those groups can view. -change configuration variables from admin page -5 blocks included -Admin configurable header and footer blocks -RSS and limited Atom support -Feeds are cached (checks to see if modified since admin configurable time, if not modified, uses cached feed) -Import and export feeds from the Dragonfly Headlines DB. -more! Get more info at www.jordomedia.com

{article/topic_title} Coppermine and Gallery Merge into 1 system

Posted by DJMaze on (3839 views)
In a move designed to stun the market, the Gallery team has publicly announced its plans to merge with the Coppermine project. "After Yahoo bought Flickr we started feeling a little bit left out! Why do those corporate droids get to do all the acquisitions?" asked Bharat Mediratta, co-founder of the Gallery project, in a joint press conference. Joachim "Gaugau" Müller, the lead developer for Coppermine, added "It's time for us open source guys to get in on the fun of burning money by making senseless acquisitions!"

{article/topic_title} Cpgnuke 8.2b Expansion Pack Release

Posted by earthinhabitant on (7301 views)
Greetings all, Well we went ahead and made a nice pack for all of us to use please enjoy some free time, the time saved by using this pack! Any authors who content is in here and would liek it removed please just ask! We will support the best we can. Brief listing, check docs for installation instructions *please report any/all bugs a.s.a.p. Download at http://earthinhabitant.com

{article/topic_title} GameServer Module Ported

Posted by djdevon3 on (4478 views)
The GameServer module for PHP-Nuke has been ported with minimal effort due to already compliant and secure coding by the author. The module is already quite famous with clan sites as being the best server status monitor there is. No browser plugins needed! It works for all of today's most popular multiplayer games. The Beta will soon be available at http://www.voicesinmyhead.net There is a known bug but I will release a patch or new version this week to cover it. It's a beta because of the bug but I wanted to release it as soon as I could to the game/clan cpg community.
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