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{article/topic_title} Released: CPG-Hosting Module

Posted by Nopeace4u on (8398 views)
This module is for you people that want have your own hosting company inside the CPG-Nuke Portal System. The module are integrated. Hosting module contain next features: Presentation, Conditions, FAQ, Contact, Order form, Domain search, Package page, Price-list. There is Admin section to where you can put up your own content of pricing, package names.
Thanks to GMINI03 & Phoenix for their help.
You can download from HERE Registration is required to access the download module.

{article/topic_title} CPGArcade Beta Release

Posted by digitus on (4188 views)
Ive finaly done it ...thats right i ported the arcade mod for cpgnuke. Its in beta stage right now. So there will be some bugs. Im going on vacation till sunday. So stop by Cpgarcade Site and get your copy :) Please post any bugs in my forums im sure some friends will help out till i get back. Also check the post in the forums for important information. Enjoy!!

{article/topic_title} CrossNuke Modulizer and PNModulizer have been released

Posted by pukkmukk on (3265 views)
crossnuke.com is proud to announce the immediate availability of "CrossNuke Modulizer" and "CrossNuke PNModulizer"

{article/topic_title} CPG-Shop -- The Way Forward

Posted by webdev1 on (9601 views)
NEWS FLASH: Further building on the success and momemtum of CPG-Nuke, today, the Zen-Cart.com Founders Team announced the creation on a new domain, Zen-Classes.com. This will take eCommerce into the future with the great Zen-Cart, Open Source Shopping System. This new effort will be jointly developed by the CPG-Nuke development team, taking the best Open Source Shopping Cart and making Classes and Modules for integration into CPG-Nuke's future CPG-Shop dateline, California, 5/3/2004, webdev1
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