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{article/topic_title} SpyHunter opens lawsuit against

Posted by DJ Maze on (1957 views)
A bleeping computer moderator is sued by Enigma Software Group to shut his mouth up (SLAPP) regarding the bad reputation of SpyHunter.
Enigma is known for misleading advertisements by creating fake websites like,,,,, etcetera. (Yes, i've checked and verified because it uses very bad Dutch translations).
It is once listed on an AV-Test with a score of 0.1%, so go figure.

But nooo, Enigma doesn't tolerate this so bleeping computer has a lawsuit.

Therefore, i wonder how far they would go if i post this on a Europe located server with freedom of speech! :)
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{article/topic_title} DragonflyCMS Security System Tutorial

Posted by Dizfunkshunal on (3784 views)
I have completed the tutorial for DragonflyCMS Security Section. There are a few new features. I hope this tutorial is useful CLICK HERE to view tutorial NOTE: "Registration not required to view tutorial but appreciated if you wish to discuss it in our forums"

{article/topic_title} A new firefox vulnerabilities update is available for Ubuntu Linux b ut ...

Posted by NanoCaiordo on (5461 views)
Ubuntu Security Notice USN-296-1 June 09, 2006 firefox vulnerabilities.

{article/topic_title} Downloads Pro beta 2 repackaged due to security exploit

Posted by Trevor on (5961 views)
Downloads Pro beta 2 has been repackaged due to an exploit identified within the screenshot upload system. For obvious reasons, exact details of the exploit will not be disclosed. All users of Downloads Pro, regardless of version, are strongly urged to upgrade to the latest version (beta 2) which has just been repackaged. This release addresses the exploit and fixes the previously identified bug regarding searching. If you recently upgraded to beta 2, you need not reupload every file to your website. The files changed in this release are: Download entire package

{article/topic_title} Can't reach "x" website: Feud causing Issue

Posted by akamu on (5797 views)
Two major Internet backbone companies are feuding, potentially cutting off significant swaths of the Internet for some of each other's customers. On Wednesday, network company Level 3 Communications cut off its direct "peering" connections to another big network company called Cogent Communications.
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