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{article/topic_title} DizWebDesign Update

Posted by Dizfunkshunal on (1514 views)
How you all doing? Hope your well. I'm back open getting things organized and on the move again. So here what I have done: 1. Followed DF in putting themes in a cvs to better organize and manage the themes I have ported or made. Also helps to secure the themes from lose due to hard drive failure Some I have lost and are not recoverable but I have added the ones I could recover to the cvs. CVS HERE. Anyone who wants to contribute to the Themes CVS send me a pm. 2. Added new theme tf_assualt. Request to upgrade the theme so it would work with DF 9.3.3. Upgrade is complete and I also reworked the header images and completely re wrote the header html and moved all style info for header to style sheet. Still have some work left to do with it to clean up the templates. Download Here Bug Reports and Feature Requests Here Enjoy ! Diz

{article/topic_title} Recruiting For Theme Team

Posted by Dizfunkshunal on (3889 views)
Ok, well I have heard some complaints about DragonflyCMS not having enough themes and this and that. So i am stepping up. I am not the best but I am not the worst. I am willing to teach those who do not know how to theme the method in which I use to port themes. Which works pretty good as far as I can tell. So if you want to contribute and/or learn to port themes. I am starting a theme team on my site. You do not have to know how to anything but you must be willing to learn. There are 2 parts to a theme Graphics and code.

{article/topic_title} New Theme DF_Matrix

Posted by Dizfunkshunal on (3348 views)
I finally finished porting the Reloaded theme by Mars for PhpNuke. The DragonflyCMS version is called DF_Matrix.
It includes matching Forums and Photo Gallery themes. Hope you all enjoy this theme.
It is free to download in my download section .

{article/topic_title} DF_Skittlish

Posted by djdevon3 on (3198 views)
You only have to see this theme once to fall in love with it. A collaborative theme port by and from Mephisto Wordpress with permission from the author. This theme will help usher in a new level of theme design for DragonflyCMS. It features a color/style switch that instantly changes colors of the stylesheet between 7 default colors! Demo is running on Another reason why this theme is so great is because it will help theme designers build themes with different colors built in. No more installing 10 of the same theme but in different colors. Do it in 1 theme!

{article/topic_title} ZoneCopper Version 3

Posted by WebSiteGuru on (4393 views)
ZoneCopper Version 3 had been release there are many updates to the theme. The theme is also W3C Complient. Download Now!
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