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Donation Policy:
CPG-Nuke is a rapidly growing Open Source software community. We openly welcome and encourage all to become a member of the CPG-Nuke community for free. Please download and enjoy the software as much as we have enjoyed developing it. Thank you so much for supporting the CPG-Nuke Open Source Community.
While the software is freely provided to all, donations are gratefully appreciated. We have received the generous donation of a server from to keep online. This community is only possible due to countless hours the volunteer staff put in and the development team must maintain their development stations, purchase software tools and books, along with the occasional Red Bull. So as you can see running and maintaining this kind of website is far from free, and often turns into a personal investment.
Some have asked how much they should donate, please understand, donations are accepted, but not requested, nor expected. If one wishes to make a donation it should be based on an amount that feels right to the user. Many users have been generous to donate to this project, members that are generous enough to donate $5 or more will get a Contributor title and graphic on their posts and user profile. This is our way of saying Thank You for helping us.
The donations you provide today will lead to ongoing development, new features and brighter tomorrow for all CPG-Nuke members. Make your CPG-Nuke donations the easy way now through PayPal, and like CPG-Nuke, it's fast, free and secure!

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If you would like to help the CPG-Nuke Community continue to grow please remember to mention the features and benefits of the next time you visit your favorite forum, message board, or news group.

The CPG-Nuke Team would like to say "thank you!" for your generous donation.
Donation Privacy:
For your privacy and security, donations to CPG-Nuke are accepted through PayPal's secure server. You may safely donate online using either a credit card or checking account being assured all your private information is confidential between you and PayPal. No PayPal information is known to CPG-Nuke, nor do we keep an email list of our donors in order to protect your privacy.

Other Donation Methods:
Want to see other methods for accepting donations here at CPG-Nuke, let us know thru our Contact page.
Business Sponsorships:
We gladly accept business sponsorships. Pleas contact us with your offer of products or services. In exchange for your sponsorship, and based on the donation, we will provide links, logo links, banner rotations, and / or forum promotions.

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