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Dragonfly 9.0 -> 9.0.2 Bugs

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#47 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Upgrade error 8.2b => 9.0 with latest installer GMINI03
#48 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Undefined index Smitty
#86 Wont fix [*CPG Core Issues] CSS Validation Errors 64bitguy
#91 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Installer upgrade error bbattach Phoenix
#144 Wont fix [*CPG Core Issues] Changing admin settings causes theme change GMINI03
#166 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Events4U Crashes CPG After Fresh Install 64bitguy
#219 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Security Check Image does not display Rayvenhaus
#327 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] cannot change from maintenance mode
#355 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] 400 Bad request issued rick_deckard
#616 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] WebTV users cannot access admin.php (+ fix)
#780 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Absolute Path script problem; can't install/config Wisteareia
#819 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Use of flush(); prevents output of further headers. Causes cookie problems.
#77 Closed [*General Issues] Incorrect display of 'Online Now' in Main Admin Phoenix
#197 Bogus [*General Issues] Select Lanugage Errors masterbeta
#198 Bogus [*General Issues] Bug Report Search masterbeta
#245 Closed [*General Issues] [resolved] Nuance
#247 Bogus [*General Issues] security code breaks when LEO turned on Nuance
#376 Bogus [*General Issues] Install "Test Settings" not working on other server port DJMaze
#5 Closed [*Module Issues] Shoutblock URL function inoperative GMINI03
#25 Closed [*Module Issues] Downloads & Weblinks don't show up in admin DJMaze Pitcher
#35 Closed [*Module Issues] SHoutblock not converting characters to utf8 compatible GMINI03
#53 Closed [*Module Issues] Newsletter to group with zero users NanoCaiordo
#65 Closed [*Module Issues] HTML Compliance Issue Web Links Module 64bitguy
#66 Closed [*Module Issues] Missing Language Definition - BLOG akamu 64bitguy
#67 Closed [*Module Issues] Missing Language Definitions & Files - IRCChat 64bitguy
#87 Closed [*Module Issues] WebLinks syntax error DJMaze poldo
#100 Closed [*Module Issues] Weblinks - can not delete catgories GMINI03
#101 Closed [*Module Issues] Weblinks - can not edit catagory GMINI03
#102 Closed [*Module Issues] Weblinks - report broken link does not work GMINI03
#103 Closed [*Module Issues] Weblinks - missing language defines GMINI03
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