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Dragonfly 9.0 -> 9.0.2 Bugs

ID Status Score Subject Assigned to Submit by
#97 Closed [SQL] Update 8.2 to 9.0 ORDER on UPDATE :S derek
#112 Closed [SQL] Installation Errors - Upgrade From Puke 7.4 64bitguy
#171 Closed [SQL] Unknown column Noob
#215 Closed [SQL] Install with mysqli broken.
#229 Closed [SQL] Unable to accept submitted Web Link changes PerM
#282 Closed [SQL] upgrade script creates malformed rows Nuance
#289 Closed [SQL] Avatar Directories Daimos
#346 Closed [SQL] user_lastvisit field is not being updated. ulfthomas
#363 Closed [SQL] view in _modules set as tinyint Nuance
#370 Closed [SQL] Use of MYSQL specific result types Brennor
#373 Closed [SQL] SQL error with ' in data using custom fields
#390 Closed [SQL] Invalid LIMITs in UPDATE SQL statements. Brennor
#36 Bogus [Search] Format error on Search page Jeruvy
#75 Closed [Search] Duplicated Class Properties "cat" XHTML Compliance alexm 64bitguy
#317 Wont fix [Search] search results show html code in FAQ mobileguy
#320 Bogus [Search] On /Search.html
#350 Bogus [Search] Forum Search Results Do Not Parse BBCode darkgrue
#39 Closed [Security] .htaccess file incorrect to hide config.php bkcpg
#213 Bogus [Security] Content Module - 403 Error Nopeace4u
#129 Closed [Statistics] Firefox on Ubuntu Linux shows up as Netscape shimon
#139 Closed [Statistics] Statistics - Safari not recording hits GMINI03
#140 Bogus [Statistics] showing totally wrong % or numbers shimon
#244 Closed [Statistics] Busiest Day Reports Wrong Number KitFox
#310 Closed [Statistics] Stats modeule reporting wrong information
#380 Closed [Statistics] Incorrect operating system percentages in Statistics Trevor
#417 Closed [Statistics] Safari Browser Not Reported in Statistics Module conner_bw
#514 Closed [Statistics] missing image norbie
#205 Closed [Stories Archive] "Topic" field on "Edit Article" page does not retain value Sandoz
#240 Closed [Stories Archive] no news in database results in stories archive bug MNBob
#401 Bogus [Stories Archive] Archives page does not show all posts in the particular month gentle
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