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ID Status Score Subject Assigned to Submit by
#103 Closed [*Module Issues] Weblinks - missing language defines GMINI03
#106 Closed [*Module Issues] Weblinks - SQL error GMINI03
#108 Closed [*Module Issues] weblinks - Notices - already defined constants- missing constants akamu GMINI03
#111 Closed [*Module Issues] Reviews - missing language defines. akamu GMINI03
#121 Closed [*Module Issues] IRCChat - calls to none existant files/wrong paths akamu GMINI03
#124 Closed [*Module Issues] Project Page - Possible solutions unreadable GMINI03
#125 Closed [*Module Issues] Weblinks - pagination does not work akamu GMINI03
#128 Closed [*Module Issues] No Encyclopedia in the Encyclopedia Module 64bitguy
#130 Closed [*Module Issues] Missing Admin Icon - IRCCHAT akamu 64bitguy
#131 Closed [*Module Issues] Blog Error - Blog text was not set 64bitguy
#136 Closed [*Module Issues] Shoutblock - Already defined constants + 1 notice akamu GMINI03
#137 Closed [*Module Issues] Content Module - notices akamu GMINI03
#138 Bogus [*Module Issues] Encyclopedia - didn't output data correctly GMINI03
#143 Closed [*Module Issues] Carriage Returns in Reviews module blackmetalcouk
#264 Closed [*Module Issues] Review Letter Menu akamu blackmetalcouk
#159 Closed [*Module Issues] Web_Links voting doesn't work akamu
#162 Closed [*Module Issues] Reviews Admin Language blackmetalcouk
#163 Closed [*Module Issues] Weblinks add link error blackmetalcouk
#172 Closed [*Module Issues] Reviews Admin Language blackmetalcouk
#173 Closed [*Module Issues] Web Links Add Link Error blackmetalcouk
#174 Bogus [*Module Issues] Administration block links blackmetalcouk
#175 Closed [*Module Issues] Submitting a review blackmetalcouk
#200 Bogus [*Module Issues] Weblinks module, layout problem PerM
#202 Closed [*Module Issues] Encyclopedia Admin Problem blackmetalcouk
#204 Closed [*Module Issues] Unable to delete Web Links categories akamu Sandoz
#224 Bogus [*Module Issues] The apostrophe character is escaped with a backslash character in Web Links Sandoz
#225 Closed [*Module Issues] A "1" is inserted into a blank e-mail field in Web Links. akamu Sandoz
#226 Closed [*Module Issues] Web Links: "edit" link for a *specific* link opens general link edit page akamu Sandoz
#242 Closed [*Module Issues] Web Links menu does not work blackmetalcouk
#243 Closed [*Module Issues] Reviews 'Reviews Page Title' does not display blackmetalcouk
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