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Dragonfly 9.0 -> 9.0.2 Bugs

ID Status Score Subject Assigned to Submit by
#250 Closed [*Module Issues] Unable to delete reviews Peejay
#252 Closed [*Module Issues] Waiting Content Number blackmetalcouk
#253 Closed [*Module Issues] Approving A Review blackmetalcouk
#265 Closed [*Module Issues] Submitting a Web Link blackmetalcouk
#272 Closed [*Module Issues] Reviews Administration Not Functional Trevor Peejay
#277 Closed [*Module Issues] Broken Web Link Reporting akamu blackmetalcouk
#278 Closed [*Module Issues] PNG Web Links Logo Does Not Display Properly in IE darkgrue
#286 Bogus [*Module Issues] Anonymous Comments in Reviews blackmetalcouk
#290 Closed [*Module Issues] LEO: Sections PrintPage option doesn't show images Arg0n4th
#292 Closed [*Module Issues] Reviews Image Preview / Editing Not Functional Peejay
#307 Closed [*Module Issues] Weblinks don't allow any links to be added Andreas
#308 Closed [*Module Issues] Web Links desriptions parse incorrectly Nuance
#309 Closed [*Module Issues] Quotes escaped improperly in Links module Nuance
#312 Bogus [*Module Issues] Projects Board Search Show Next x Entries NanoCaiordo
#322 Closed [*Module Issues] IRC Chat Daimos
#324 Closed [*Module Issues] Web Links Modify Category blackmetalcouk
#325 Closed [*Module Issues] Web Links MostPopular missing header Ronin
#335 Closed [*Module Issues] Web_Links Module not showing up under Admin Purus
#338 Bogus [*Module Issues] Web Links Category Description blackmetalcouk
#339 Closed [*Module Issues] Missing images for use by content module wilden
#344 Wont fix [*Module Issues] UTF-8 encoding in Newsletter Andreas
#359 Closed [*Module Issues] Terms not translated on modules.php Mich
#374 Bogus [*Module Issues] Web Links - IE 6 and link-logo.png jstillion
#626 Closed [*Module Issues] Encyclopedia term edit link incorrect Peaches
#762 Wont fix [*Module Issues] Review module display error Peejay
#10 Closed [*Other Issues] CPGMM 'show this to' option not fully working DJMaze GMINI03
#18 Closed [*Other Issues] Footer CSS xfsunoles
#52 Closed [*Other Issues] My Headlines doesnt work akamu poldo
#96 Closed [*Other Issues] No output after upgrade from 8.2
#168 Closed [*Other Issues] Blogs: submit comment url redirect problem tour93
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