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#402 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Module name mangling in index.php breaks modules Brennor
#418 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] getlink() links have Missing/corrupt Module Name Jeruvy
#422 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Can't install using HTTPS protocol Brennor
#425 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Missing SQL Queries after footer Phoenix
#432 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] PostgreSQL support for $db->sql_nextid Brennor
#438 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Admin changes for $db->sql_nextid to work with Postgres Brennor
#439 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Includes changes for $db->sql_nextid to work with Postgres Brennor
#443 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2 JavaScript links don't work
#445 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Implicit conversion to boolean from integer via ! operation in messages admin Brennor
#455 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Still can't install using HTTPS protocol Brennor
#459 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Always reporting a database error though the site is working
#504 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Fixes for the PostgreSQL DB abstraction layer Brennor
#511 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Lowercasing module name in index.php causes home module failure Brennor
#512 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Leo On & Admin Security Code Image not Displaying jstillion
#542 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] bad code in kills upgrade alva
#609 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] radmin error for module upgrader ians
#620 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT akamu darkgrue
#624 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] A missing parameter causes Admin Menu to stretch Andreas
#641 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] function is_email not validating all addresses safecracker4hire
#663 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] fields dropped but cache not deleted alva
#677 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Default Lang changes bigern75
#678 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] zlib output compression handling xengoreth
#691 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] cvs install error bigern75
#718 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] includes/db/db.php error using cvs bigern75
#731 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Missing PHP Endtags JamieWolf
#743 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] gmtime function in cmsinit doesnt make the GMT trob
#746 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] nbbcode.php parses urls in php tag blocks mc__
#756 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] file downloads do not work with SSL enabled
#763 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] admin.php blank and empty pages alva
#826 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Saving and then Loading an array to cache with string keys containing "'" PeLLaRaS
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