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#840 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Unicode unrecognized paperdragon
#841 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Inaccurate IP on Multi Processors Servers NanoCaiordo darkgrue
#852 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Missed Estonian capital city in timezones in includes/classes/time.php Eestlane
#860 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] BBCode pareser problem for quotes Ronin
#861 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Upgrade to 9.1.1 RC1 install error Smitty927
#899 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] phpmailer dusman
#913 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Empty sql_nextid in nuke upgrades NanoCaiordo sarah
#914 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Can't select top/bottom blocks in modules administration Eestlane
#915 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Top blocks aren't showing in adminpage NanoCaiordo Eestlane
#937 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Wrong time on some servers slip
#953 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Blocks problems, i.e Your_Account showing unneeded blockside Eestlane
#977 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] For UTF-8 characters strtolower() isn´t useful, instead use mb_strtolower() Eestlane
#983 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Error Handling problem Jeruvy
#995 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Core yesno_option() may give warning offset: 0 NanoCaiordo Eestlane
#1000 Bogus [*CPG Core Issues] Fatal error: Call to a member function init() on a non-object in header.php Eestlane
#1023 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Admin block gone after upgrade Eestlane
#1033 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] cpg_error properly shut all blocks down NanoCaiordo
#1054 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Blocks Not Executing after CVS Update NanoCaiordo
#1057 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Error in url_redirect() Function darkgrue
#1058 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Error in url_refresh() Function darkgrue
#1069 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] Error when no blocks activated and adding a new module Eestlane
#1071 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] BBCode returns wrong markup JamieWolf
#1076 No Feedback [*CPG Core Issues] "Internet Explorer can't open / from" message appear SV_Foster
#1085 Wont fix [*CPG Core Issues] BBCode does not allow ( and [ in url for link creation Eestlane
#1087 Closed [*CPG Core Issues] PM Quick Reply pop-up smilies might interfere with input Eestlane
#509 Bogus [*General Issues] Can't add news because of error in polls admin
#513 Bogus [*General Issues] 3x everthing on the homepage? moparfan
#573 Bogus [*General Issues] OmniExplorer_Bot/1.09 is using also Jordo
#582 Closed [*General Issues] admin.php Need translations NanoCaiordo Pitcher
#635 Closed [*General Issues] _HELP_LINK missing in brazilian lang brownas98
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