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ID Status Score Subject Assigned to Submit by
#941 Bogus [Themes] default theme doesn't show menu properly paperdragon
#972 Closed [Themes] Table borders not shown in Opera Eestlane
#1019 Closed [Themes] Remove style="border: 0px;" from bbcode button NanoCaiordo Eestlane
#1080 Closed [Themes] User theme selection disabled still over riding admin theme choice Cybac
#424 Closed [Top] GROUP BY doesn't contain all columns of the SELECTed tables. Brennor
#431 Closed [Topics] GROUP BY clause doesn't contain all of the SELECTed fields. Brennor
#484 Closed [Topics] .gif not showing in Topic module admin bigern75
#549 Closed [Topics] after adding new Topic the Edit Topic page loads duffbeer
#650 Closed [Topics] An SQL error on topics page. robertall
#657 Closed [Topics] Submitting new topics returns to wrong page. akamu Rayvenhaus
#686 Closed [Topics] Topics module query uses MySQL 5.0 reserved word darkgrue
#421 Closed [Warning Message] Duplicate constants defined in "Tell a Friend" Trevor Brennor
#426 Closed [Warning Message] SPAW $spaw_root Head-e
#540 Bogus [Warning Message] Update System
#567 Closed [Warning Message] submit_news.php header output error ProjectUX
#591 Closed [Warning Message] includes/phpBB/ warnings Head-e
#687 Closed [Warning Message] Undefined index: Type in admin/modules/modules.php darkgrue
#689 Closed [Warning Message] Index mismatch in bbcode language file darkgrue
#693 Closed [Warning Message] Admin Main Settings menu not created properly (with fix) Biggles
#700 Closed [Warning Message] maketip missing from installer NanoCaiordo
#765 Closed [Warning Message] Warning from 9.1 installer first page alva
#788 Closed [Warning Message] Installer undefined indexes [workaround] NanoCaiordo
#789 Bogus [Warning Message] Installer fail to require files [fix] NanoCaiordo
#905 Bogus [Warning Message] Admin Security uninitalized variable xfsunoles
#908 Closed [Warning Message] admin/modules/blocks.php undefined index: headline NanoCaiordo NanoCaiordo
#910 Closed [Warning Message] admin/modules/blocks.php Undefined variable: view NanoCaiordo NanoCaiordo
#932 Bogus [Warning Message] $_SESSION['installtest'] not set during install step 4 NanoCaiordo LCAngela
#1029 Closed [Warning Message] Invalid in_addr value NanoCaiordo
#1103 Closed [Warning Message] c.parent' isn't in GROUP BY on coppermine main page Eestlane
#1113 Bogus [Warning Message] your_account.php language file tries to redefine some constants Eestlane
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