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#688 Closed [*General Issues] Dragonfly Error CSS File xfsunoles
#814 Bogus [*General Issues] LEO errormessage [with fix] alva
#821 Closed [*General Issues] Error on DB Update During Installation xengoreth
#829 Bogus [*General Issues] Emailer Function ZeeRaX
#831 Bogus [*General Issues] cookie check error during installation
#832 Bogus [*General Issues] My DragonflyHomepage shows no images
#846 Bogus [*General Issues] typo variable xfsunoles
#864 Closed [*General Issues] Time not correct for PHP > 5.1 Beldak
#880 Bogus [*General Issues] Some Hover Help Popup Missing BrokenCrust
#890 Closed [*General Issues] DF Time Class isn't meet new US DST Rule NanoCaiordo xfsunoles
#1030 Closed [*General Issues] $showblocks feature not imported in the current Blocks class NanoCaiordo
#1048 Bogus [*General Issues] Timezone error in L10NTime::date() layingback
#1067 Closed [*General Issues] uploading smilies pak NanoCaiordo
#1111 Bogus [*General Issues] NO MANDA MAILS moniq
#1132 Closed [*General Issues] Broken update monitor. NanoCaiordo NanoCaiordo
#748 Closed [*Languages] Problems with 'accents' bidibooum
#774 Closed [*Languages] Wrong language name of Eesti Eestlane
#781 Bogus [*Languages] The script whose uid is 33301 is not allowed
#786 Closed [*Languages] Hard coded BBCode Eestlane
#855 Bogus [*Languages] A lot of nonmultilingual strings Eestlane
#924 Closed [*Languages] Hardcoded Language String greenday2k
#939 Closed [*Languages] Hardcoded OR in password recovery Eestlane
#978 Closed [*Languages] Confirm untranslated with cpg_delete_msg() Eestlane
#1088 Bogus [*Languages] Language catalan moniq
#449 Closed [*Module Issues] Implicit conversion to boolean from integer via ! operation in modules admin Brennor
#457 Closed [*Module Issues] Review Module-- Double Quote Truncation DJMaze xengoreth
#466 Closed [*Module Issues] Web Links Module Theme Logo Bug Phoenix darkgrue
#470 Bogus [*Module Issues] Module Upgrade system broken Phoenix
#472 Closed [*Module Issues] Review Module Graphic / Text Placement Peejay
#478 Bogus [*Module Issues] Review Module Loses All Data Peejay
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