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ID Status Score Subject Assigned to Submit by
#850 Bogus [*General Issues] Does not exist The_Midnighter
#1001 Bogus [*Module Issues] Downloads viewing permissions Dizfunkshunal
#488 Closed [Blocks] Downloads Block Division by Zero darkgrue
#415 Bogus [Downloads] Install doesn't retain Hits Phoenix
#419 Closed [Downloads] Compliance Error in 'New Additions' Phoenix
#490 Bogus [Downloads] Unable to Create new Catagories Head-e
#487 Closed [Downloads] Database error dotTC
#492 Closed [Downloads] Hits stop updating on "My Downloads" page and 7 top dowloads table Jordo
#548 Bogus [Downloads] Downloads pro AlBorland
#554 Closed [Downloads] Linking to screenshots via url report invalid Tarun
#555 Closed [Downloads] Mirror list not cleared on delete Tarun
#556 Closed [Downloads] New install won't show top # downloads Tarun
#574 Closed [Downloads] Top10 Dowloads Block LoonyLuke
#581 Bogus [Downloads] admin.php?op=Downloads&mode=broken bigern75
#631 Closed [Downloads] cms_downloads_downloads` not installing bigern75
#676 Closed [Downloads] sql errors bigern75
#715 Closed [Downloads] No Search Results datanex
#741 Closed [Downloads] Download Access field not saved during add operation
#777 Closed [Downloads] Downloads when using SSL do not work dusman
#791 Closed [Downloads] PHP breaks uploads dusman
#842 Bogus [Downloads] Missing files in v3.0.0.8 timothy
#856 Bogus [Downloads] Submit download Error Wicked
#885 Bogus [Downloads] tell a friend dusman
#1012 Closed [Downloads] Failed to upgrade from to Eestlane
#462 Closed [File handling] thumbnail and orginal screenshoot is switching place Pitcher
#823 Closed [File handling] Image Checking isn't enough to detect. xfsunoles
#935 Closed [File handling] Thumbnail Uploads Inconsistent darkgrue
#667 Bogus [HTML Template] XHTML Bug in statistics.php norbie
#412 Closed [Output Control] Subcategory Text Head-e
#896 Bogus [Output Control] Updating download doesn't allow you to choose category Biggles
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