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#545 Bogus [*Other Issues] Javascript Problem in edition JrCs
#1051 Bogus [Administration] Can't save changes in admin section after installing CPG-News JonMcMullin2008
#1104 Bogus [Coppermine] deleting users albums cowboy
#585 Bogus [Forums] Sitename Community Forums, sitename is missing. Tarun
#561 Bogus [HTML Template] $ownpagetitle['News'] = 1; also disables pagetitle in news admin Pitcher
#938 Closed [HTML Template] Group info_body wrong colspan Eestlane
#1022 Closed [HTML Template] is used instead of in themes/default/template/admin/settings.html Eestlane
#1043 Open [HTML Template] Security&Blocks Administration with Arabic hadi00
#1083 Closed [HTML Template] groups/info_body select column header only if needed Eestlane
#830 Bogus [Members List] abou latest memebrship protection
#599 Closed [News] Non-Compliance - Article Comments Various Fixes 64bitguy
#1044 Bogus [Output Control] Last 'x' info in Your account page floats left only .. hadi00
#595 Bogus [Themes] BR format wrapping 64bitguy
#665 Closed [Themes] Theme'ing Private Messages djdevon3
#725 Bogus [Themes] fiblack3d theme missing ie.css Memphis
#872 Closed [Themes] Untranslatable "Toggle Content" Eestlane
#926 Closed [Themes] Cannot change botton name in block edit on admin page knight2000
#982 Bogus [Themes] default theme XHTML 1.0 invalid, simple sollution. Latest CVS. whatrevolution
#1068 Bogus [Themes] Changing the "default" Theme for DF angel777
#1120 Bogus [Themes] Reset Default for INCLUDE layingback
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