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Generating a backtrace

Noticing crashes

There's no absolute way to know that a project is crashing, but there may be signs. Typically, if you access a page that is always supposed to generate output (has a leading HTML block, for example), and suddenly get "Document contains no data" from your browser, it may mean that the project crashes somewhere along the execution of the script. Another way to tell that it's crashing is by looking at the Apache error logs, and looking for Segmentation Fault (Apache 1.3).


To get a backtrace with correct information you must have the project configured with debug enabled!

How to turn on debugging in CPG-Nuke

  • Go to Admin -> Main Settings
  • Move to the bottom of the page
  • Turn on all debug options
    • PHP Notices
    • PHP Warnings
    • CMS Notices
    • CMS Warnings
    • Database queries
  • Open config.php
  • set the value of CPG_DEBUG to "true" (without quotes)

Locating where the error occures:

In the debug mode you could see in the footer of the page a lot of messages. Most of them are notices and not of a high importance.
Fatal and Parse errors are shown inside the page and stop the script execution. Those errors are of a high importance.
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