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Dragonfly 9.0.3 -> 9.3: Badges based on group membership

Main developer NanoCaiordo
Work in progress
SCM Path not available yet
Description I would love the ability to show a "badge" type graphic (similiar to rank) based on the membership of groups. I have a perfect example here: Mouse-over the badges shown for the "Prince_Serendip" post and you can see, based on group membership - special designated icons. This would be very helpful for our site where it's for a club and members can either be due paying members, or non-due paying members, but it's very hard to identify who is and isn't without looking at an actual membership roster. In addition, it's a college club, so you could put things like "1 year memeber, 2 year member, alumni member, etc". Also, it's a vehicle club, so users could automatically join a group the represented their vehicle make/type which could display a logo for the user identifying which vehicle(s) they have. I believe this *may* be the original phpBB mod, located here: Maybe it'll be easy to port? It would be a very nice, useful feature.
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