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Dragonfly 9.0.3 -> 9.3: Specific Block Assignment in Home

Main developer NanoCaiordo
Work in progress
SCM Path not available yet
Description The latest 9.2 Blocks management provides more flexibility than ever, so I feel a little bad asking for more... But I think this suggestion represents a very useful extension. Currently all block assignment is by module, but in the special case of a module displayed As Home, it would be powerful to be able to define block assignment differently when in Home to that assigned when in normal (non-Home) display. By adding an additional entry at the top of the list of modules on the Block Administration page called 'Home' this would allow the option of assigning different blocks to whichever module was assigned "As Home". If present this Home setting would be used in preference to the one assigned to the module if the module was displaying on the Home page. With the increasing use of "a bit of everything" displaying on the Home page there is a growing desire (based on my inputs from my module users) for this additional flexibility. If these extra blocks wanted on the Home page are simply assigned to the module appearing in Home, it makes for a very cluttered page when that module is displayed in a normal (non-Home) page, especially when Center blocks are employed. Thanks for your consideration.
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