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Dragonfly 9.0.3 -> 9.3: Show tumbs in Search Results

Main developer NanoCaiordo
Work in progress
SCM Path not available yet
Description The ability to add a custom (ModuleName_search class) file to each module to centralize searchs is great, but now users are not just searching for TEXT, they also are looking for images or video, o for items (in example CDS, computer parts parts etc) where a little image (if exists)showed on results would improve usability and functionality to the search. Also, using the main search module for coppermine only shows text when youre looking for images... :lol: (but the coppermine search feature show images in results 8-) !). IMO this can be achieved easy, adding customs templates for search results since every search class for every module will work different, or add support for the "results" handler to show thumbs and the ability to be templated.
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