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Dragonfly 9.0.3 -> 9.3: jquery

Main developer Phoenix
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Description A lot of the net is talking about an umbrella word being web 2.0. Now I know what web 2.0 is and I see DF using it as well, but I do not see a pacific slandered per say correct me if I am wrong for sure. From what I have noticed DF does have core js files it would be nice if DF went to a js framework being jqurey. Having jqurey in the core would add much functionality to DF and to theme designers. One of the things I would really like to see in DF is tabbed based containers for data and yes I have seen a few modules out there that have it all of them require there own js files to make it happen and even the css. Having a js framework/library would allow this to be native to DF along with movable content, better gallery's, image effects, tag clouds, show/hide divs, and much more.
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