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#917 Closed e-mail activation fails because of faulty sql generation register.php NanoCaiordo alva
#839 Closed TINYINT alva
#818 Closed missing comma install/sql/tables/forums.php 1.13 alva
#814 Bogus LEO errormessage [with fix] alva
#813 Bogus editing text as admin now gives problems alva
#812 Closed default theme can mess up Projects comments alva
#807 Closed [cvs] error installing to existing database alva
#801 Closed ALBUM NAME instead of ALBUM_NAME alva
#799 Closed hidden groups not shown to members [with fix] alva
#795 Closed album commenting permissions reversed [with fix] alva
#794 Closed no voting/commenting forms with pics (with fix) alva
#792 Closed users_cfg.php: TINYINT, INT instead of uniform INT1, INT4 alva
#775 Closed $db->list_databases() leads to crash on my host DJMaze alva
#765 Closed Warning from 9.1 installer first page alva
#763 Bogus admin.php blank and empty pages alva
#749 Closed 9.1 installer chokes on paid Lycos shared alva
#742 Closed One dot and quote too many-Blogs index.php 9.2 alva
#739 Closed [with fix] preview theme shuts out superuser, too alva
#714 Closed inserting '00-00-0000 00:00:00' into INT4 (Our_Sponsors, index.php) alva
#663 Bogus fields dropped but cache not deleted alva
#623 Closed hardcoded english language in includes/nbbcode.php NanoCaiordo alva
#619 Closed full path disclosure(undefined constant CPG_DEBUG) alva
#578 Closed Wrong rank displayed in Members_List and Groups akamu alva
#542 Closed bad code in kills upgrade alva
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