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Dragonfly 9.0.3 -> 9.3


Id Approval Status Subject Assigned to Submit by
#46 Lightbox intergration NanoCaiordo dusman
#48 banners/oursponsors updates NanoCaiordo dusman
#47 coppermine updates NanoCaiordo dusman
#49 more robust rss feeds NanoCaiordo dusman
#44 nofollow/follow rel tag on headline feeds NanoCaiordo dusman
#45 show thumbs in rss headlines NanoCaiordo dusman
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ID Status Score Subject Assigned to Submit by
#1006 Closed keyword search issue NanoCaiordo dusman
#979 Closed unable to remove blocked IP's from security center admin NanoCaiordo dusman
#933 Closed coppermine view full size picture NanoCaiordo dusman
#931 Closed blocks per module NanoCaiordo dusman
#930 Closed imagine filename/information NanoCaiordo dusman
#929 Closed Allow viewing of full size pic by anonymous NanoCaiordo dusman
#928 Closed Coppermine Toggle Picture info NanoCaiordo dusman
#927 Closed blocks showing with certain modules dusman
#911 Bogus undefined variables dusman
#899 Bogus phpmailer dusman
#886 Closed cannot edit comments NanoCaiordo dusman
#764 Bogus Statistics not updated dusman
#761 Bogus new user registration shows even though it is disabled in coppermine config dusman
#760 Wont fix Show gallery menu above gallery config does not stick dusman
No open bugs
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