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8. 5: WAMP All-in-one setup Parent
This is how i setup Apache, MYSQL, PHP, Gd lib.

I am writing this because i tried to setup a local server on my machine and i found it very difficult. This way you don't need to know anything about Apache, PHP, MYSQL, or the Gd lib.

Go to and download the software and install it.

your htdocs dir is now C:\wamp\www

Warning: You will not be able to get apache the start while Skype is running so you will have to close Skype first.

after you have got it installed and running click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen that looks like a speedometer. Go to PHP extensions and you will see a list of my extensions that you can add at the click of a button, one of these is GD2. Also remember to activate the MOD_REWRITE module for apache to get LEO working.

Well thats it your done! Hope that this will help people get started.

Ps. This installs very up-to-date versions of the softwares so be sure to search the forms on how to use Apache 2. Also through the new PhpMyAdmin you can setup Mysql usernames and passwords, which is great too.

all credit for this SETUP software must be given to the incredible authors of wampserver

Created: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 (22:25:03) by brownas98
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