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2. 9: Roadmap Parent

You were looking around on the site, and did some searches, but could not find any concrete road-map for the Dragonfly CMS project. Does one exist? ... If not, why not?

This page is all about our roadmap and why things are as they are. There's no real roadmap as you expect with estimates, dates and other kind of detailed descriptions since this project currently rests on the shoulders of two people named Akamu and DJMaze.
They do try to add more developers, administrators and others to help them managing this huge project but, we all have a normal life and we can't code 24 hours a day so putting strains on it with dates will just crop us up and be stressed.

We do believe it would be very helpful for all the developers (and potential developers!) to be able to atleast see what features are planned for next releases, which features are not explicitly planned short-term, and where the architecture is evolving to. Therefore, the following information is our simple roadmap without estimates nor time frames.

9.x Spirit

Everything inside the downloadable package is either GPL or LGPL licensed, nothing else is allowed.
Watchdogs keep track of all code changes and if they comply with the guidelines, webstandards, ISO and RFC sheets.
Each Dragonfly CMS owner has the right on free support thru our forums on any given time or date no matter if you are non-profit or a profit organization. Personal support thru email, private messaging or any other kind of private communication is prohibited unless an reasonable donation or payment is made.

9.1.x Goals

XHTML 1.1 compliant
The most common Hypertext Markup Language supported by most browsers except Internet Explorer 6 and below.
ISO SQL99 compliant
An old International Organization Standardization for handling SQL but widely supported by many SQL servers (SQL2003 is still a draft).
Fully UTF-8
UTF-8 is the default character encoding for the world wide web to support many languages. There's only one issue and that is that many (true type) fonts don't support all 62,000 (visible) characters.
Fix all issues which are leftovers from the "nuke" days.
Properly shrink code and use correct single quoting.
Resource usage
Reduce memory abuse by using unbuffered SQL queries and freeing buffered SQL queries.
Add all functions, classes and variables into the SDR and put more global information into the Wiki.
Only one default theme inside the package with as less graphics as possible and layout styles all inside the CSS so that visitors with a handicap can easily visit as well (WAI-AAA and Section 508).

9.1.x Features

Full subforum support and management.
Group authorizations scheme
Instead attaching a single group to a download, link, etc. set permissions for any group thru a management interface.
Support image uploads thru zip, tar, gzip, bzip and rar archives.
Shift to a Model View Controller approach by eliminating all XHTML inside modules and put them inside the default theme.

Created: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 (15:25:12) by DJMaze
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