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Why Server Specifications & Where to Find Them.

Why am I being asked to fill in my "Server Specs"?

If you are seeking support in our Dragonfly CMS Community Forums it is helpful if members, at the time of registration, enter their systems information into their profiles.

This information can be vital in properly trouble-shooting issues you may be confronting. Members who refuse to include this information will find it more difficult for others to assist them in finding a resolution.

What type of information is needed?

System - Server OS
Apache Version (PHP Modules - Link page)
MySQL Version
PHP Version
CMS Version (DragonflyCMS or CPG)

Where can you find this information?

Your Dragonfly website. ( admin.php?op=info )

Administration -> Systems Info -> General Tab Screenshot General Tab

Administration -> Systems Info -> PHP Modules (Apache Version)

Screenshot PHP Modules

Where do I put this information?

In your Dragonfly Community Profile.

Please enter it in the format: OS/Apache/MySQL/PHP/CPGNuke (e.g. Windows/1.3.37/4.1.22/4.4.6/

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