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10. 5: Single installation for multiple sites Parent

Windows servers:

use 'shortcut' (right click on a folder or file to create a shortcut) as term.
What I've done, if my memory doesn't play tricks on me, was to create shortcuts for admin, blocks, images, languages, modules, rss, themes folders.
admin, banners, footer index robots .php files.
includes folder must be a real folder for each of them, then you can use shortcuts for all content except "config.php" which must be unique.
I do also use a main error.php and a main error.log wich are located on the top directory (all sites are located in a subdirectory).
Also since a was tired of creating shortcuts every time i wanted to make a new site i created a "skel" (like a template) which contains the full structure of the
symbolic site) just a copy and paste and all is done.
I use them just for testing each site use its own database server (mysql 4 and 5, pgsql).
This to demonstrate that having just a unique "config.php" will let you do everything you wish to.

Created: Sunday, December 31, 2006 (20:24:15) by Dizfunkshunal