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6.2. 1: CPG-BB / phpBB Parent
The Bulletin Board module

phpBB 2 can seem a little daunting to new users in places, particularly with regard the permission system. The first thing you should do is check the FAQ which covers a few basic getting started questions. If you need additional help there are several places you should look.

i. phpBB 2 Userguide

A comprehensive userguide is now available online and can be accessed from the following location:

This covers everything from installation through setting permissions and managing users.

ii. Community Forums

phpBB Group maintains a thriving community where a number of people have generously decided to donate their time to help support users.

If you do seek help via our forums please be sure to do a Search before posting. This may well save both you and us time and allow the developer, moderator and support groups to spend more time responding to people with unknown issues and problems. Please also remember that phpBB is an entirely volunteer effort, no one receives any compensation for the time they give, this includes moderators as well as developers. So please be respectful and mindful when awaiting responses.

iii. Internet Relay Chat

Another place you may find help is our IRC channel. This operates on the Freenode IRC network, and the channel is #dragonflycms and can be accessed by any good IRC client such as HydraIRC, mIRC, XChat, etc. Again, please do not abuse this service and be respectful of other users.
Note: The IRC channel might be unaccessible currently.

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