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Upgrade TIPS from 9.1.x to 9.2.x

Below is information and all instructions about upgrading your themes and modules, only small changes, but required.
# This applies to Release number 9.2.1
P3P editor:
  • will be found in admin -> main settings
  • A new Block class has been written to replace many functions found in includes/functions/display.php.
  • It fixes a few minor bugs always present since
  • It should speed up the blocks display process.
  • A new Menu static class has been created to reduce I/O disk access by saving image paths in the visitor Session and it does reduce site-wide, page generation time. A cached version will probably come later on.
  • Has a new public function format()
Deprecated functions:
  • MEMBER_BLOCK, themesidebox(), themecenterbox(), blocks(), rss_content(), blocks_visible(), render_blocks(), blockfileinc(), headlines(), userblock() and hideblock() are now deprecated.
  • By activating CPG_DEBUG (a must in this case) will link old functions to the new class and appropriate warnings will show up in the footer.

Themes changes:
In file themes/Your_Theme/theme.php
# add to themeheader() and themefooter() globals

# replace
# with

# replace
# with

# replace
# with

Make sure themes/Your_Theme/template/block.html works properly since it will be now finally used by $Block->preview() in admin -> blocks and wherever a developer wants to preview of a block.

# themes/Your_Theme/template/header.html, footer.html and blocks.html add minus/plus image file extension like

Modules changes:
Only if your module use MEMBER_BLOCK or you as developer want to add a user custom "tools" block like Your_Account and Coppermine does.
$block = array(
'bid' = 10000,
'view' = 1, # 0 all, 1 user, 2 admin, 3 admins, >3 bbgroups
'side' => 'l', # l, r, c, d
'content' => $variable 'a string or a callback function()'
# just free up some memory
$block = NULL;

News Module Changes:
  • "morelink" is now split into components
  • virtually all html has been removed from the code and hard-coded colors in the templates have been eliminated
  • core theme templates have been adjusted
  • all custom themes will require template adjustments, or just adopt the default theme News template - it will inherit your theme's styles and the texcolor/bgcolor variables.

Templates files:
  • themes/default/admin/settings.html

Advanced Module Installer:
    Module developers are invited to use install/sql/tables/ and install/sql/data/ standards for future developments.
    9.2.x core already supports this and it will soon be the new install method. An example is found in cvs/modules/Blogs/

    It will automatically upgrade any 3rd party modules at the same time as DragonflyCMS is upgraded.

    Also the module installer will be able to 'clearly' use all db_check functions/converters.

    e.g. you want to add a new field
    - you only need to add the field to the table structure, change version number to your module, and db_check will do the rest.

    e.g. you want to convert a varchar field that contains IPs to a varbinary field type
    - just change the field type in the module table structure and db_check will automatically carry out the conversion in all DragonflyCMS supported databases.

    In other words, it will make your module install/upgrade compatible with all supported databases.

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