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6.2.1. 1: Attachment Mod Parent
User Guide on how to use the attachment system inside the Forums

This User Guide is intended to give an overview of what the Attachment Modification is capable of and teach you how to setup and utilize its features. It should answer the most common questions and give you the chance to use the full power of the Attachment Mod.

While reading this, you will stumble over some terms and explanations you might not know; keep these in mind, they may be explained in further paragraphs. If you find errors or would like to contribute something please contact me.

If you have Support Questions, please go to the Forums and ask your Question there.

Bug reports should go into the Projects Bug Tracker.

Admin Rights

With the Attachment Mod the Administrator has special rights when it comes to attaching Files.
The following Restrictions are not taken into account for Admins:
  1. Able to exceed the allowed Filesize.
  2. Able to attach all allowed and activated Extensions.
  3. Able to exceed the maximum Number of Attachments per Post/PM.
  4. Able to attach and download files in all forums.
  5. Default Quota for Admins is set to the complete Attachment Filesize Quota.
If you are testing the Attachment Mod and want to be sure that all Restrictions you have set are actually working, please create a normal User Account for testing.

Created: Friday, January 21, 2005 (08:31:53) by DJMaze
Updated: Friday, January 21, 2005 (08:42:22) by DJMaze