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6.2. 2: CPG-BB from DF v9.3.3.0 Parent

An enhanced version of CPG-BB for search, moderation and archiving.

Deleted topics/posts can now be retained in a special forum where admins/moderators can elect to permanently delete or recycle them.

Topic edit, if allowed, is restricted to the last post (other than moderators) with an admin option to allow edit for all posts.

Captcha option provided for guest posting.

Option to display users online now (and for the day) on the forums index, as well as online status within posts.

Enhanced search features include "Forum Watchlist", "Topic Watchlist", "Last 24 Hours" and "Last 40 Topics".
Users can also manage their personal Watchlists, on an individual and bulk basis.

Topic icons displayed for topics in search listings - handy for those using icons to denote topic status.
Topic icons are also now cached, saving a query.

Moderator control panel now returns to the panel page on which you started when you carried out actions like archive, delete, lock and unlock.
You also now have the ability to "mark" or "unmark" all topics on a page.

Functionality to disallow usernames restored to admin.
(only beneficial for guest posting - use it wisely)

Allow cloaking (ignoring) option for other user's posts and info.
(cloaking allowed on a group basis).

Remove member posting privileges on a forum basis, regardless of group.
(cannot post, reply, edit, delete, create polls, vote, attach, download files).

Remove member privileges option in all forums where auth levels are REG.
(view, read, post, reply, edit, delete, vote, create polls, attach, download)
Forums where member has group access are not affected.

Moderators list added.

CSS image max width re-sizing based on the sizes you set here:

Forum management indicates topic read and post permissions, so you don't forget to set them when creating a forum.

Created: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 (03:33:43) by Phoenix
Updated: Friday, January 27, 2012 (23:31:46) by Phoenix