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6.2.2. 1: Archive System Parent

The major enhancement is Archiving of older posts - in effect, you get the benefits of "pruning" without losing your topics/posts and without loss of linking from the search engine indexes.
  • archives operate at sub-forums.
  • archives can be setup in admin, much the same as pruning.
  • auto-archiving uses a new bbforum_archive table.
  • an archived topic has its posts copied to new bbposts_archive and bbposts_text_archive tables and an archive flag added to the bbtopics table.
  • once archived, the original posts are deleted from the bbposts tables and the words table is updated.
  • announcement and poll topics are not archived in admin archiving.
  • moderator panel now provides for batch archiving of topics within each forum and this area will archive announcements and polls.
  • polls and attachments are preserved in archived posts.
  • viewtopic checks if topic is archived or not and displays the relevant tables, with an "Archived Topic" note at the top - active topics have an archive icon so that individual topics can be archived by moderators.
  • archived topics/posts cannot be individually moderated.
  • archived topics can be "Revived" on a one-off basis - a link allows auto-generation of a new topic in the active system, referencing the archived topic and denoted by [revived] in the subject line.
  • once revived, the revival link reverts to a reference link to the new active topic.
  • topic revival adds the new topic id to a field in the old topic's table for tracking purposes.
  • if archives exist, Forum Index provides a link to archives and number of topics/posts in brackets.
  • link provided to an Archives index of forums containing archives.
  • forums with archives, and archived topics, are clearly labeled, including pagetitles and cross-linking where appropriate.
  • Bulk archiving is heavy on query load - test what your server can handle with small bites.
  • Archived topics will not appear in normal forum search - until an alternative is assessed, I suggest you provide a Google site search link.

Created: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 (23:26:06) by Phoenix
Updated: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 (23:34:32) by Phoenix