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3. 8: From DCVS Parent
How to clone and use DCVS with TortoiseHg

First of all you need TortoiseHg, visit and download and install the latest version.

Start by cloning the repository.
add a new repository

Make sure the source is and choose your favorite destination.
Leave the rest as defaults.
cloning settings

And its all done ...

... keep reading only if you want to use the development branch.

If you want to update to v10, do as follow.
Note: the very first line lists "default" as "Working Directory".
Since you need to update to a different branch, in this case v10, you have to select the latest revision of the preferred branch.
update init

Leave the revision number as already set by TortoiseHg, see if my selected options can help you.
update settings

All done
Note: now the very first line lists "v10" as "Working Directory".
update done

You can always rollback to the default branch* and switch to a different one at any time.
* as this writing not a released version, but in future the default branch will be the last released stable
update rollback

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