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14. 2: Poodle Javascript Parent

Warning: This page is under development!


	Poodle.$D = document
	Poodle.$B = document.body
	Poodle.$Q() = querySelector
	element.$A() = element.appendChild()


	Poodle.$Q('css') = Document.querySelectorAll('css')
	Poodle.$Q('css',1) = Document.querySelector('css')

	element.$Q('li') =  then only elements inside the element are returned

	Poodle.$Q('.tree li:first-child') = returns any first li element with PARENT class .tree

	Poodle.$Q('.tree li:first-child') returns all first li childs

	Poodle.$Q('.tree > li:first-child') returns only one child of each class

	Poodle.$Q('.tree > li:first-child',1) returns only the first one

	Poodle.$('coppermine_categories').$Q('li') traversal from a specific node only
	Poodle.$Q('#coppermine_categories li') same as above

	Poodle.$Q() is similar to jQuery()

Event handling

You may also concatenate methods.
or like
element.on('click touchstart focus',function(event){console.dir(event);});

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