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2.3. 1: Caterpillar Maze Parent
Just a to long history talk

Once upon the time in the wild sea of Friesland (in the Netherlands) we had an idea to develop our own music player and use that in the pub/cafe so we can stuff away all cd's.
The music player involved and was working good so maze decided to put it online but, after 2 months the small site was already overloaded and maze needed to find a way to easy manage the website. After some searching around he found several scripts like Mambo, PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, etc. but, maze had a problem. The server where his website is located didn't support perl, php or asp because the "serveradmin" was afraid for hacks (even while maze was paying 50 Euro a month for it).

A small search and the first website was offered by which brought me a half year of happiness using php-nuke. But then both servers went down again since i was eating to much bandwidth (1 web and the old one as ftp server) thanks to a lot of reviews about the music player in all kinds of magazines and websites.
Moving to a new host solved the problems so i started to add images to the website. On first it was some simple pictures but a few weeks later i found Coppermine and installed it into php-nuke. The coppermine told me about a lot of new features in 1.2 and that it was available. Damnit, it's standalone !! So i decided it was time to convert the module and found cpgcop aka Akamu who was already trying.

After we modified Coppermine to work in php-nuke i thought there's more to explore so there i was "cruising on the net" and.... hey what's that ? Not good it's a supportboard for php-nuke (what i was using) but it seems everyone gets hacked instead of having fun. Later on FB (Fransisco Burzi) cam with php-nuke 6.8 and 7.0 which made me and akamu angry. Bunch of security holes and even coppermine didn't work anymore because the modules.php was f-up that nothing could work properly. At that point i decided i had to fix the system and/or maybe built my own.

The CPG version of php-nuke started in november 2003 and akamu decided to go with me and help evolving the concept to a good system. Within a month the "PHP-Nuke 6.5 CPG" was born and we where happy.
A few weeks later i was so mad on all that crappy code that i decided to; completely rewrite all code, cut out the most crap and built cool new classes and functions that should be more userfriendly and secure.
Akamu didn't want to go and stayed at my side as a real buddy helping along and he even decided to do all languages and the coppermine (that's a real huge task which i admire him for).

The plan was to cut on the 6.5 which made us built the 8.x series like a cocoon, and the end result should be: a butterfly ? No, hehehe but somewhere a version 8.3 or something.
However the cocoon wasn't ment for a ugly butterfly, it evolved to a full worthy fast and secure (almost totally) new system named Dragonfly.
Now with the final release of the first dragonfly, i'm proud it went this way.



Created: Sunday, January 23, 2005 (07:30:39) by DJMaze
Updated: Sunday, January 23, 2005 (22:33:18) by Trevor