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<b><span style="color: #DD0000">Superceded by the projects system changelog.</spam></b>

The following is a cumulative list of changes that have occurred between each release. While we do try to list every major change, there could be some which are not listed.

#   Bug Fix
+   Addition
!    Change
-    Removal

Current CVS

# Bug #778: PostgreSQL INSERT failing because of NULL instead of DEFAULT
# Bug #700: Fixed missing language definitions in installer
# Bug #669: Fixed Coppermine JS endSlideShow() function not LEO-aware.
# Bug #641: Fixed the function is_email not validating all addresses.
# Bug #591: Fixed various undefined indexes and variables in phpbb.
# Bug #590: Fixed division by zero in block-Survey.php.
# Bug #661: Fixed the avatar field not setting when admin approval required (with fix).
# Bug #673: Fixed undefined variable row in forum index.
# Bug #506: Fixed PostgreSQL issue of Inserting '' fails NOT NULL constraint.
# Bug #651: Fixed URL for MSN button in Private Messages.
# Bug #668: Fixed get_pic_data in functions.php so that slideshow now works.
# Bug #666: Fixed XHTML compliancy issues in displayimage.php.
# Bug #671: Fixed SQL error in PHP 5.0 when uploading pictures.
# Bug #575: Fixed malformed header when sending mail in My_Account.
# Bug #644: Fixed bug for random slideshows.
# Bug #658: Fixed bug where pagination links did not include selected topic.
# Bug #(Forum Only): Fixed date setting in statistics.
# Bug #654: Fixed undefined variable 'admincssmenuitems'.
# Bug #656: Fixed apos entity bug in RSS feeds.
# Bug #657: Fixed bug in Topics where after Submit, DF would return user to News front page.
# Bug #608: Fixed blocks improperly displaying suspended users in their totals.
# Bug #628: Fixed PM Quick Reply not saving when selecting in admin.
# Bug #639: Fixed JSCookMenu loading even when when it was disabled.
# Bug n/a: Fixed nested lists bug in nbbcode.php.
# Bug #(Forum Only): Added/removed files to fix a bug in cvsnt that produces \\r\\r\\n on posix files that contain \\r\\n line-endings
# Bug n/a: Fixed bug regarding multi-forums with no uppercase char.
# Bug #403: Fixed missing tags in Downloads and RSS.
# Bug #589: Fixed a bug when you tried to login with a non-existant user, the login screen would appear double.
# Bug #619: Fixed full path disclosure.
# Bug #605: Fixed a bug where the FAQ index would not sort based on categories.
# Bug #593: Fixed a bug where line breaks were not occuring with Disable BBCode checked.
# Bug #624: Fixed a bug where a missing parameter causes the Admin Menu to stretch.
# Bug #638: Fixed syntax error in template.php
# Bug #609: Fixed radmin error for module upgrader.
# Bug #633: Fixed Bbcode button images not swapping correctly. Thanks to Biggles
# Bug #637: Fixed bug that was not saving caret position in textarea's for bbcode missing html in article print function. Thanks to Biggles
# Bug #596: Fixed missing html in article print function.
# Bug #620: Fixed HTTP_USER_AGENT bug.
# Bug #(Forum Only): Added additional file access check regarding bad safe_mode setups as reported in forums for Coppermine
# Bug #(Forum Only): Fixed enable slideshow bug in coppermine

! Change: includes/imaging/ - Made it work with safemode and gd.
! Change: modules/coppermine/admin/index.php - Removed charset from config, removed uneeded file config as admin/ replaces.
! Change: includes/classes/sqlctrl.php - Added 20kb buffer for better compression.
! Change: modules/Wiki/index.php - Removed div to eliminate IE border problem.
! Change: modules/Wiki/inc/functions.php - Added some bullets for a secondary menu.
! Change: main.php news.php - Moved _PRINTER to main.php to be used by forum and other modules.
! Change: {Various} - Changed search for all terms as default.
! Change: {Various} - Changed POST protection to non-members only.
! Change: {Various} - Changed user_regdate to be unixtimestamp to show correct register dates based on the visitor timezone.
! Change: {Various} - Huge cleanup of the old phpbb template system.
! Change: {Various} - Activated the skype field in users table to prevent any further installer issues.
! Change: install/step1.php and step2.php - Proper cookie domain on localhost install.
! Change: includes/ - Proper cookie domain on localhost install and upgraded version number for release.
! Change: includes/functions/linking.php - Modified UA string for better identification
! Change: includes/classes/cpg_file.php - Modified UA string for better identification
! Change: {Various} - Probably fixed session expire (cookie message) if you try to post a message that takes longer to 24 minutes to write. This seems to be caused by the PHP garbage collector that deletes sessions older then 24 minutes although PHP says a session cache expires after 3 hours

+ Added PAD Support to Downloads Pro Beta

- {Various files and locations}: Removed the THEME_USES_TPL feature to completely remove the old php-nuke theme system for a full template based future.

Dragonfly September 11, 2005

# Bug #621: Fixed bug where albums did not appear for upload.
# Bug #(Forum Only): Fixed phpBB/functions_search bug
# Bug: Fixed cookies for coppermine

+ Added $module_id for future features

! Change: includes/classes/cpg_member.php - Added 127.x.x.x to the IP ignore list
! Change: includes/classes/installer.php - Better installer with browser time-out protection by outputting some details to screen directly
! Change: install/ - added some table indexes for faster SQL querying!
! Change: coppermine/displayimage.php - Fixed possible security threat through uploaded images
! Change: Downloads_Pro/ - Fixed to allow unlimited file extensions
! Change: Downloads_Pro/cpg_inst.php - Fixed mirror insertion for files with quotations. Also added index to speed up query when downloads are 500+
! Change: step2.php - Fixed fatal error seen under PHP 5.1 (only variables can be passed by reference)

Dragonfly September 2, 2005

# Bug #616: Fixed issues with WebTV users accessing admin.php
# Bug #233: Removed nav menu display from random gallery
# Bug #592: False Pagination if multilingual site
# Bug #609: Fixed radmin error for module upgrader
# Bug #587: Fixed memberlist pagination affected by suspended users
# Bug #563: Fix for textarea focus lost in bbcode input
# Bug #578: Wrong rank displayed in Members_List and Groups
# Bug #515: Random slideshow get SQL error

! Change: sqlctrl.php - Possibly fixed browser timing out during huge backup, fix works on PHP5, but hasn't been fully tested
! Change: Potential fix for synchronize attachment issue
! Update: Updated to phpmailer to 1.73
! Update: Updated IRCChat module to reflect our network change
! Change: block-CPG-center-scroll-Random_pictures.php changed scroll align from para to div
! Change: Restored shout button in Shout Block and updates to language file

Dragonfly July 1, 2005

# Fixed titles in Coppermine blocks (as referenced by bugs 536 and 538)
# Fixed database error in 8.x -> 9.x upgrade system
# PHPMailer Data() function infinite loop lets remote users deny service (as reported on
# Many, many bug fixes

+ New default topic icon from Paris

Dragonfly June 1, 2005

# is_email() produced a huge array with duplicate disallowed domains when called multiple times
# Step two of the Installer produced '\/' on IIS servers
# Coppermine $FAVPICS was never checked for correct integer entries
# Administration menu items never had slashes for single quotes in the JSCookMenu
# Marking topics/posts read in a multi-forum environment
# Added a session destroyer for servers mentioned in this forum topic topic
# Some "NOT NULL" fields changed to allow NULL for MySQL 4.1.x and PostgreSQL compliancies
# Non-critical phpBB 2.0.14 and 2.0.15 fixes
# Bug #522: FAQ language file is not XHTML compliant
# Bug #524: Update Monitor fails to read proper version
# Bug #507: Malfunctioning "Register" block in Coppermine
# Bug #503: Selecting album on update album page does not take you to album
# Bug #499: XHTML incompliancy in modules/Forums/viewtopic.php
# Bug #494: Administration menu $pagetitle float bug
# Bug #477: $allowusertheme is a member configuration setting, not global setting
# Bug #428: Deleting a survey doesn't remove comments or vote tracking
# Bug #422: Can't install using HTTPS protocol
# Bug #406: "User last visited" not updated on login/logout
# Bug #405: PostgreSQL compliance
# Bug #397: Incorrect links in Coppermine Top Rated blocks
# Bug #396: Spurious semicolons in Coppermine groupmgr.php
# Bug #394: &apos; entity vs Internet Explorer
# Bug #393: Malicious input not converted to special characters
# Bug #360: Terms not translated in block-Forums_scroll_Last_post.php

+ SEF rel="nofollow" tag in the make_clickable() function as well
+ TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor
+ Detection of P3P Validator bot
+ New clear() method for caching to empty all contents of the cache/ folder
+ Identification of Camino, Galeon, K-Meleon, and Shiira web browsers

! Coppermine watermark uses server domain instead of cookie domain because cookie could be empty
! Made the Admin DHTML menu (JSCookMenu) optional
! Renamed the 'gfx_chk' option to 'sec_code' and changed to be bitwise (gfx_chk still there but depreciated)
! Enhanced security code settings in Main Settings
! Merged the Submit News module with the News module
! is_active() now returns the module version number when it's active so that it can check if an upgrade process is necessary
! Changed some usage of BASEDIR to CORE_PATH for a better, easy-to-maintain core

- language/english/blogs.php (doesn't belong in default install)
- language/english/content.php (doesn't belong in default install)
- language/english/downloads.php (doesn't belong in default install)
- language/english/encyclopedia.php (doesn't belong in default install)
- language/english/faq.php (doesn't belong in default install)
- language/english/ircchat.php (doesn't belong in default install)
- language/english/shoutblock.php (doesn't belong in default install)

Dragonfly Apr. 5, 2005

# Email address of each member was shown to everyone (bug #386)
# mysqli installer issues
# Bug #390: Invalid LIMITs in UPDATE SQL statements
# Bug #389: Avatar upload error (SQL Query Result)
# Bug #388: Coppermine does not allow uploads
# Bug #387: Incorrect translation in the Polish language pack
# Bug #384: viewtopic.php error when viewing a post
# Bug #382: is_email() not allowing some email addresses that are valid
# Bug #372: "Preview Theme" block does not work with LEO
# Bug #362: Special characters in language packs breaking JSCookMenu
# Bug #359: Some hardcoded terms in admin/modules/modules.php

+ Allow custom headers in send_mail()
+ sql_fetchtables() and sql_fetchdatabases() SQL functions for correct handling in MySQL and PostgreSQL, and perhaps other databases in the future

! Changed forum emailer to use the standard CMS send_mail() function

- admin/modules/coppermine.php
- admin/modules/forums.php
- images/admin/coppermine.png
- images/admin/forums.png
- images/admin/groupperms.png
- images/admin/userperms.png
- includes/phpBB/smtp.php

Dragonfly Mar. 20, 2005

# Fixed URL data reader when using a query in the url
# Fixed several notices in forums, coppermine, and admin modules
# Display properly polls with attached articles in the Surveys module
# Load the proper main language file in the installer
# Show the proper site URL in RSS blocks
# Non-critical phpBB 2.0.12 fixes
# Several bugs as reported in our Forums and Projects modules
# Coppermine to look at the first installs usergroup table

+ New default rank images from Paris
+ L10N Time Class which handles DST (Daylight Saving Time)
+ RSS Class with RSS 1.0 read support and the possibility of an RSS writer in the future
+ All missing language flags
+ Option to change the default avatar, so you don't have to worry about changing to gif and losing quality if you wish to use a jpeg or png
+ Option to toggle animated avatars
+ Option to disable the update monitor at step two of the installer
+ Optional debug trace on error pages for session data
+ Language pack management page in administration menu for easy retrieval of new language packs from the CVS

! Better Coppermine watermarking based on original image
! Improved Credits module to read module data from cpg_inst.php files
! Improved meta tag system for better flexibility inside modules and to gain even better page rankings
! Converted four spaces to one tab so that programmers can use their preferred tab spacing
! Optimization of the "dragonfly" theme
! Improved newsletter system to allow use of the WYSIWYG editors
! Improved the Main Settings page by splitting it into several sections for easier editing
! Improved lost password retrieval system in My Account to allow for the input of an email address instead of nickname
! Moved $reasons (used by comments system) out of config.php and into the language files
! Enhanced layout of the Statistics module thanks to Pitcher
! Use <optgroup> in forum jumpboxes
! Store member and admin data in the session to reduce SQL load
! Userinfo now only shows filled in fields

- Old default rank images (if you were using the old images, please change them in Admin -> Ranks)
- Useless MD5 license check at install
- admin/modules/stories.php (wasn't used anymore)
- admin/modules/submissions.php (wasn't used anymore)
- admin/wait/wait_newsarticle.php (moved to modules/News/admin/)
- includes/phpBB/functions_topic_icons.php (merged the single function into a proper file)
- themes/THEME_NAME/template/forums/admin/user_edit_body.html (is fully controlled thru Your_Account)

Dragonfly (Security Fix 1): Feb. 12, 2005

# Prevent more than one instance of a nickname/email address
# Fixed error on the use of a subdomain email address
# Added missing quick reply values in forum config
# Fixed upgrading the cms_users_fields table data

! Small code cleanup
! Changed split() to explode() in some places

Dragonfly Feb. 7, 2005

# Fixed starting multiple sessions for the same user
# Major improvements to system security
# Proper magic_quotes_sybase handling
# Proper module handling on Windows servers
# Prevent the creation of more than one "God" account
# Fixed database compression option
# Changed a lot of hardcoded English to language defines
# Added proper headers for default error pages
# Replaced $Version_Num with CPG_NUKE to avoid conflicts with PHP-Nuke
# Hide message edit link and remaining time from non-superadmins
# Proper handling of header('refresh') URLs
# Main site redirects to install.php if there's no database yet
# phpBB Attachment Mod vulnerabilities
# All known bugs as mentioned in the forums and project module

+ Update monitor in administration menu to alert admins of new versions and special messages
+ "dragonfly" theme
+ Coppermine image watermarking
+ Easy-to-use image manipulation class
+ Allow cookie names to be changed
+ Log in/out handler for members and administrators
+ Member blocks for My Account and Coppermine
+ Member avatar uploading and avatar size checking
+ Send member Private Message on registration
+ Integrated quick reply to forums and private messages
+ Integrated forum attachment mod
+ Integrated forum topic icons
+ MMCache Control support (if installed on server)
+ Support for PostgreSQL 7.3.x or later
+ Sitewide cache-based template system
+ Sitewide useable array() caching
+ Enhanced session handling system
+ Classes for commonly used objects
+ Installer with rollback support in case of failure
+ Debugging system for administrators/developers
+ Added BBCode support in more site areas
+ "Tell a Friend" module, to replace "Recommend Us"
+ Search engine identification
+ Identification of Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari web browsers in site stats
+ modules/-/admin/* handling for easier module integration
+ LEO (Link Engine Optimization, for rewriting urls)
+ Ability to block email domains from registering
+ MySQL 4.1 UTF-8 handling
+ Which sideblocks to show on module level
+ Show server information to the Super Admins
+ Use link in category title of CPG Main Menu
+ MySQL class unbuffered query functionality
+ Admin notepad for sharing messages with admins
+ Send newsletter to a group
+ Administrators can always change their password
+ Select CREATE/INSERT statements for backup
+ Show forum descriptions on page when viewing a topic, a forum, or posting a new topic
+ Prevent bots from indexing error pages
+ Show memory usage in footer, if your PHP is compiled with the --enable-memory-limit configuration option
+ Allow local paths in BBCode [url] and [img]
+ Support for gzip compressed RSS feeds
+ Animated gif detection in get_fileinfo(), thanks to PerM

! Turned Register Globals off
! Shifted from HTML 4.01 to XHTML 1.0
! Revamped forum search
! Merged forum and CMS session systems
! Improved radmin* system for better module administration
! Admin control system more functions and flexibility
! Forums Administration JavaScript dropdown instead of static menu
! Theme-based BBCode buttons
! Rewrote FAQ module to include searching and sorting
! Rewrote Search module to allow sitewide searching
! Rewrote Shoutblock module, delivering a new user interface
! Rewrote My Account module to include additional functionality, improved user interface, new admin control, and more
! Reduced database queries
! Enhanced graphics check at user/admin logins
! Decreased page generation times
! cpg_inst.php module installers for better control and info
! Hide blocks if content is empty and notify admins in the debugger
! Enhanced Referer listing
! Improved Blocks and Modules manager
! Renamed Ephemerids to Today in History
! mainfile.php -> includes/
! Admin block only shows options that the administrator has access to
! Language block uses local language for each available language
! Simplified the language system
! Enhanced RSS system, to support RSS2
! Allow send_mail() function to process multiple $to addresses (array)
! Moved DB to includes directory

- $user, $admin, and $sitekey variables
- Functions: cookiedecode(), getusrinfo(), FixQuotes(), formatTimestamp(), check_html(), filter_text(), delQuotes(), formatAidHeader(), get_author()

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