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5. 2: Admins management Parent
How to manage administrators and setup permissions

admin image In your admin area you could manage your administrators thru the admin.php?op=admins page.
The system is based on seperate login for members and admins so that hackers still have to "fish" for a cookiename if they know the login details.
On that page, below the list of current administrators, you may add new admins. You must setup a nickname and password (the password can be changed by the admin himself later on). The list of "permissions" has 0 selected items at default, so you may select several items which the new admin may control (use your keyboard [Ctrl] key to select multiple items).

If you want to allow the admin to manage everything then mark the "Super User" checkbox. That way he's allowed to manage everything in the administration area, but be carefull who you give those permissions.

More about Permissions

Each module specially built for dragonfly that has a cpg_inst.php file could have a special setting for $radmin. If the value is set to true then Dragonfly will add a entry to the "permissions" list.

By default, when you install a new module no one can administer the module UNLESS he is a "super user". In order to allow a certain administrator to manage this new module, must edit the member's settings and select the module from the permissions list.

Permissions List Example:

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