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3. 9: From CVS Parent
(DEPRECATED) How to run a CVS-automated website

Instead of running the latest stable release of Dragonfly, you can run an automated website from our CVS (Concurrent Versioning System), where our code is stored. The benefits of this are an easy to maintain website, and an easy file update process.

The downsides of running a CVS-automated website are that the CVS could contain bugs and there is a ZERO support tolerance. Only experienced users with sufficient knowledge in PHP and MySQL should use the CVS, as it can be very unstable during early developmental stages.

There are two methods of obtaining the CVS.

i. CVS Snapshots

CVS Snapshots are packaged every six hours and available in our downloads section. After downloading the snapshot, you will need to FTP the files to your site.

ii. Using SSH

Using Shell to update your CVS website is much more efficient, as it is completed in a matter of seconds.

iii. Using a CVS Client

You can download the CVS files with a client such as Tortoise and upload them to your site. This is a time-consuming process but can be used for updating individual files.

Created: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 (22:34:38) by Trevor
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