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13.3. 2: Modules Parent

The "documentation/samples/modules/Sample/index.php" contains the base for any module.
If you create your own then the directory name should be changed
We will explain what each part in index.php means.

if (!defined('CPG_NUKE')) { exit; }
Is used to prevent direct access like http://somewhere/modules/Sample/index.php and actualy destroys the request immediately.

$pagetitle .= 'My title';
$pagetitle is a global variable to setup the <title> inside the webpage <head>.
This way the browser shows nice info about the page and as second benefit the SE's (Search Engines) love this.

Open the file header.php which creates and outputs the page header and left side (blocks) for the resulting XHTML page.
NOTE: setting/adding a value to $pagetitle will NOT work after header.php is called because the header is already send to the browser.

If your module isn't template based ($cpgtpl), you may use OpenTable() and CloseTable() to wrap a border around the text that you want to output.

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