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Gather Important Information

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You will be presented with several configuration options for your site:

Site Name What you want to call your website
Domain Name The domain where your Dragonfly site is hosted, for example
Path The path to your Dragonfly files, for example /
Administrator Email The email address where administrative messages should be directed to
Cookie Domain The full or top-level domain to store the cookies in, for example, or just leave empty
Cookie Path The web address to limit the cookie to. This is usually the same as your Path set above
Admin Cookie Name The name of the cookie which will store administrator login information, for example cms_admin
Member Cookie Name The name of the cookie which will store member login information, for example my_login
Photo Gallery Cookie Name The name of the cookie which will store photo gallery-related information

After you have entered all of the information, click "Submit."

Cookie Setting Test

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After submitting the previous form, we will test your cookie settings to ensure that they will work properly with your website. Click "Test Settings."

Cookie Test Failed

This could be caused by 1 of the following 3 issues

  • There's a wrong cookie domain and path setup
    Check if the domain and path that are shown in your browser address bar are the same as you previously filled in.
  • session.save_path is not accessible
    Open your php.ini and fix the value of that setting
  • You're not allowed to write to the session.save_path
  • Open config.php and find
  • Change to something like
  • Be sure /home/SOMETHING/tmp is writeable (chmod 777 if necesary)
  • Cookie Test Succeeds

    If the test passes, you will be presented with another screen:

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    This screen has a button to create your first account.

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