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5.3. 4: Setting Block Locations Per Module Parent

HOW TO: Set blocks on right or left per module.

1.) From the Administration page click "Modules"

2.) Find the module you want to change and click "Edit"

3.) From the "Blocks" dropdown menu choose the option you want (None, Left, Right, Both)

4.) Click "Save Changes"

That's it, you've changed where the blocks will appear on that module.

Note: To set the appearance of your front page, you must ensure that your Home module has the block settings you want to appear on the front page.


In the modules administration menu if you click edit on a module, say "News" for example.

One of the (very few) options you have there is "Blocks" with a dropdown menu giving you 4 choices, None, Left, Right, Both

If you choose None, no blocks will show while viewing that module
Of you choose Right, the right blocks will show, Left will show left blocks
Selecting Both with display the right and left blocks while viewing that module

Note: You have to set this option for every module individualy

Created: Tuesday, May 31, 2005 (11:55:42) by Kuragari
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