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6.2. 5: Coppermine Parent

Categories, albums and pictures

The script works in the following way :

  • Pictures are stored in albums
  • Albums may be organised in categories
  • Categories can be nested (subcategories)

If you don't have many albums, you don't need to use categories. In that case you don't create any category and all your albums will appear on the main page of the script.

There is a special category named "User galleries".
This category can't be deleted. If a user belongs to a group where "can have a personal gallery" is set to YES, he will have the right to create his own albums and his gallery will be a sub-category of "User galleries".
The administrator may create albums in any category, you must be logged in as a user to post to your user gallery. Regular users can only create albums in "User galleries/Their_username".

Created: Sunday, July 03, 2005 (08:23:37) by akamu
Updated: Friday, July 29, 2005 (18:59:06) by tuta