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6.2.5. 2: ADMIN MENU Parent

The following are functions you are able to do while in admin mode, using the admin menu

Upload approval

This is where you can approve photos for posting, as well as edit their descriptions.

Batch add pictures

Click this link to add pictures you have uploaded to the albums directory via ftp. You must have already created the categories and albums that you want to put them in. If you create folders via ftp you will need to change the permissions on them to 777 before using this link. You may the edit the picinfo of each picture in an album using the Edit Pics link next to the album thumb in album list view or the link under the bigger photo in displayimage. You may want to set the albums properties visibility to admin only while you batch add and add descriptions

Review Posted Comments

Read, modify and delete comments posted regarding pictures

Ban Users

Here you can control the banning of users, this link uses the built in function of phpBB for nuke, full instructions are there.

The group control panel

This is where you define what members of a group can and can't do.
The disk quota applies only for groups where "Can have a personal" gallery has been set to "YES". Only pictures uploaded by a user in his personal gallery are included in the quota.
Use the anonymous group to define what non-registered users can and can't do. Quota and "Can have a personal gallery" are meaningless for anonymous users.
Bear in mind that if a user is a member of a group where "can rate pictures", "can post comments" or "can upload pictures" is set YES, he will have the right to perform these operations only in albums where they are allowed, ie. uploading pictures will only be possible in albums where "Visitors can upload pictures" has been set to YES.
If "can have a personal gallery" is set to YES, the members of the group will have their own gallery in the "User galleries" category where they will be able to create their own albums. If you allow member to upload photos but not have user galleries the user album folders(albums/userpics/10001-?) will still be used to store their uploaded photos.
If "priv. upl. approval" is set to NO, pictures uploaded by members of the group in albums created in their own gallery won't need to be approved by the admin. You may add addition groups but you will need to add users to this group manually by going to the user manager.


Here you change a specific user's group, view their the amount of their quota that is being used as well as make change to the pictures they are able to see though groups checkboxes. For more information see the Permissions part of the document.

Album Management

This is where you can create, delete or change the order of albums. If you want a personal album this is the first stop otherwise create the category that you want your new album in if any. At this time this is a javascript feature so make sure it is on before accessing this page. Click the new button first. Then type the name in the input area below the order album section, and save you modification. This is also where you can delete albums click on the album name and click delete. To change the order of your albums click on the album name you want to move and click on the up or down button. To change the name of an album click on the name and edit the text below,and click Apply modifications.

Modifying albums/picture

This menu is adjacent to each albums description in the category or album list view.
Delete allows you to delete the album and all pictures it contains.
Properties allows you to modify the name, description and permissions of the album, see more about this feature in the Album properties section below
Edit pics allows you to modify the title/caption/keywords etc... of the pictures in the album

Album properties

The "Album" drop down list at the top right allows you move between albums to set preferences. The "Album category" drop down list allows you to move an album between categories. If you set this to "* No category *" then the album will be displayed on your main page.
The "Album description" field is shown next the albums thumbnail in the album list. Coppermine understands the following bbCodes (the same bbCodes that are used by phpBB) in image and album description

  • [b ]bold[/b]
  • [i ]italic[/i]
  • [url=http://url ]URL text[/url]
The thumbnail is the picture that will represent the album in the album list.
Who can see this?You can define who can view the pictures of this album.
When "visitors can upload picture" is set to YES, it is possible to upload pictures in this album. Note that a visitor will have the right to upload pictures into an album where this option is set to YES only if he is a member of a group for which "Can upload pictures" is set to YES. Non registered users are members of the "Anonymous" group.
The same rules as above apply for "Visitors can post comments" and "Visitors can rate pictures".


This gallery comes with a complex set of permissions. Users can be part of Anonymous, Members or any other group you create in the user group control panel. Registered users are by default part of the registered users group. You can add a group to an users groups click on the Users link in the menu and find the user in the list or enter their name in the edit user box the select the main group they are part of, then using the checkboxes add other group you want them to be part of ( check boxes only give permission to see pictures of that group).
Using the album properties link next to each album. You can set which group can see a particular album. You can then set in your config page whether anonymous can see the icons for the private albums, if this is set to off and a category only has albums that a user can't see the category won't be shown either. Test using separate browser with different logins(member types) that you have set these permissions right. To summarize you must set: user groups,user's group,album properties,anon can see private in config to have it all work.

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