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The configuration page

The following settings are where you can "customize" coppermine for your needs, this is also where "new" features are enabled. For those seeking to hack or customize coppermine or are accessing these settings though phpmyadmin or other browser based mysql administration the   config name is next to each title

General settings

Gallery name
Current Value: Coppermine Photo Gallery  gallery_name

This is the name of your gallery. It will appear at the top of your home page(edit it's display in template.html), and in the nice titles. Do not use html tags in this field

Gallery description
Current Value: Your online photo album  gallery_description

This is a short description of your gallery. It will appear at the top of your homepage below the name of your gallery.(edit it's display in template.html) You can use the <br> char to manage the display of longer descriptions, edit other display in your theme css

Gallery administrator email
Current Value: xxx @ xxx .com  gallery_admin_email

Your e-mail address. All emails sent by the gallery are sent with this email address.

Address to nuke folder
Current Value: localhost/html/  ecards_more_pic_target

This is the URL where nuke is installed. This is used for links for the e-card "see more pictures link" and the bookmark link. ie http://www.mysite.tld/html/ Don't forget the trailing slash or your ecards links won't work

Current Value: english  lang

This is the default language for your gallery. All language files are stored in the lang directory on your server.
The language files with an "-utf8" suffix are unicode encoded files. If you select an -utf8 file as the default language and you set "Character encoding" to "Unicode (utf-8)" then the script will auto detect the preferred language of the visitor based on what is configured in his browser. If the corresponding language is available it will be used else the default language file will be used.
When the script auto detect the preferred language, it stores the result in a cookie on the visitor's computer. To reset this cookie (and so force the script to do another auto detection) call it with something like: /index.php?name=coppermine&newlang=xxx
Once you have added some comments or pictures to your gallery, you should not change the character set of your gallery. If you do so, non-ASCII character may not be shown correctly. You must have the language available in you nuke language files to enable it's use in your gallery

Current Value: 2  theme

Use this line to select the theme of your gallery. Themes are stored in sub-directories of the themes directory. Only themes designed for this version will work. The best way to edit themes is to make a copy of the default theme folder, name as you like (inside the theme folder), edit the css and template files as necessary. Once you have uploaded your files your theme name will be displayed here

Page Specific Titles instead of >Coppermine
Current Value: Enabled  nice_titles

Use this line for page specific titles in the title bar of the browser. These are the same as the breadcrumbs that appear on the page.

Show Right Blocks
Current Value: Not Enabled  right_blocks

Use this to show the right blocks while in coppermine, you may want to change the value of Number of columns for the album list to 1 to make it all fit.

Album list view

Width of the main table (pixels or %)
Current Value: 100%  main_table_width

This is the width of tables used on your main page or when you are viewing thumbnails of an album. You can enter a width in pixels or specify it in percents. The default value is 100%. This is called in the cpg function starttable(); if a percent is not specified (important for theme designers)

Number of levels of categories to display
Current Value: 2  subcat_level

The default value is 2. With this value the script will display the current categories plus one level of sub-categories.

Number of albums to display
Current Value: 12  albums_per_page

This is the number of albums to display on a page. If the current category contains more albums, the album list will spread over multiple pages.

Number of columns for the album list
Current Value: 2  album_list_cols

Number of columns for the album list. The default value is 2. If your nuke them is not very wide or your're using coppermine as your home page, you might change this value to 1

Size of thumbnails in pixels
Current Value: 50  alb_list_thumb_size

This is the size of the thumbnails that are displayed for each album. 50 means that the thumbnail will fit inside a square of 50x50 pixels.
If the size you specify there is larger than "Pictures and thumbnails settings/Max width or height of a thumbnail", the thumbnail will be stretched.

The content of the main page

This option allows you to change the content of the main page displayed by the script.
The default value is "breadcrumb/catlist/alblist/lastup,1/lastcom,1/topn,1/toprated,1/random,1/anycontent"
You can use the following "codes"

  • "breadcrumb": Home Category Name Album Name (the navigation links)
  • "catlist": category list
  • "alblist": album list
  • "lastup": last uploads
  • "lastcom": last comments
  • "lastupby": last uploads by current user
  • "lastcomby": last comments by current user
  • "topn": most viewed
  • "toprated": top rated
  • "random": random pictures
  • "anycontent": The anycontent block ( a new block just edit any content to put whatever you want here)

These can be placed in any order and are optional (except catlist and alblist they are needed for navigation)
The ,2 means 2 rows of thumbnails. breadcrumb/catlist/alblist/lastup,2/lastcom,2/topn,2/toprated,2/random,2/anycontent

Show first level album thumbnails in categories
Current Value: Enabled  first_level

This will show all of your albums under there categories in the home page of coppermine Thumbnail view

Thumbnail view

Number of columns on thumbnail page
Current Value: 3  thumbcols

Default value is 4 this means that each row will show 4 thumbnails.

Number of rows on thumbnail page
Current Value: 5  thumbrows

Default value is 3 this means that each column will show 3 thumbnails.

Maximum number of tabs to display
Current Value: 3  max_tabs

When the thumbnails spread over multiple pages, tabs are displayed at the bottom of the page. This value define how many tabs will be displayed.

Display picture caption (in addition to title) below the thumbnail
Current Value: Enabled  caption_in_thumbview

This will show a photos caption below the thumb if there is one.

Image view & Comment settings

Picture information are visible by default
Current Value: Enabled  display_pic_info

Define whether or not picture information (those that appear when you click on the (i) button on the fullsize page) should be visible by default. If this info is important for your gallery you may want to enable this as non-javascript enable browser and Navigator4 will not be able to see this info if not.

Filter bad words in comments
Current Value: Not Enabled  filter_bad_words

Remove "bad words" from comments. The "bad words" list is in the language file.

Allow smilies in comments
Current Value: Enabled  enable_smilies

Allows the use of smilies in comments. These will decoded on displayimage but will appear as chars ( :LOL: ) in thumbnail view and blocks

Disable Flood Protection
Current Value: Not Enabled  user disable_flood_protection

Disable consecutive comments on one pic from the same user

Email site admin upon comment submission
Current Value: Not Enabled  comment_email_notification

Changing this to yes will send email on each comment submission to the site administrator address "gallery_admin_email"

Max length for an image description
Current Value: 512   max_img_desc_length

Maximum number of characters that an image description may contain.

Max number of characters in a word
Current Value: 38  max_com_wlength

This is intended to prevent that someone break the layout of the gallery by posting a long comment without space. With the default value, words with more than 38 characters are censored.

Max number of lines in a comment
Current Value: 10  max_com_lines

Prevent a comment for containing too many new line char.

Maximum length of a comment
Current Value: 512  max_com_size

Maximum number of characters that a comment may contain.

Show film strip Current Value: Enabled  display_film_strip

Show film strip below the image (an additional nav tool)

Number of items in film strip
Current Value: 5  max_film_strip_items

Number of frames in film strip. Change this to lees if you find the displayimage page too wide for your layout.

Allow viewing of full size pic by anonymous
Current Value: Enabled  allow_anon_fullsize

The default value

Pictures and thumbnails settings

Quality for JPEG files
Current Value: 80  jpeg_qual

The quality used for JPEG compression when the script resizes an image. Value can range from 0 (worst) to 100 (best). This value can be set to 75 when using ImageMagick.

Max dimension of a thumbnail
Current Value: 100  thumb_width

Max dimension of a thumbnail (do not change this after you have pictures}

Max width or height of a thumbnail
Current Value: ht  thumb_use

With the default value thumbnails will fit inside a box of 100x100 pixels.(do not change this after you have pictures)

Create intermediate pictures
Current Value: Enabled  make_intermediate

By default, whenever you upload a picture, the script creates a thumbnail of the picture (picture name with a thumb_ prefix) plus an intermediate version (picture name with a normal_ prefix). If you set this option to NO, the intermediate picture is not created.

Max width or height of an intermediate picture
Current Value: 400  picture_width

The intermediate pictures are those that appears when you click on a thumbnail. Do not change this after you have pictures. The default value is 400, it means that the intermediate picture will fit inside a square of 400x400 pixels, this works well with a 15 inch monitor and 1024 x 768 screen size with most layouts.

Max size for uploaded pictures (KB)
Current Value: 1024  max_upl_size

Any picture with a file size larger than this value will be rejected by the script. You should set this to a value less than you server's php setting for this

Max width or height for uploaded pictures (pixels)
Current Value: 2048  max_upl_width_height

Limit the dimensions of the pictures that are uploaded. Resizing large pictures requires a lot of memory and consumes CPU.

User settings

Allow new user registrations Current Value: Not Enabled  allow_user_registration


User registration requires email verification


Allow two users to have the same email address


Users can can have private albums
Current Value: Enabled  allow_private_albums

If set to YES then your gallery can contain albums that can be visible only by users that belong to a certain group.
If a user is a member of a group that can have its own gallery and this option is turned on then this user will have the permission to hide some of this albums to other users.

Custom fields for image description (leave blank if unused)

These fields are displayed within the "picture information" area. They will appear only if you give them a name. You use one to four of these.

Pictures and thumbnails advanced settings

Show private album icon to unlogged user
Current Value: Not Enabled  show_private

Default behavior of coppermine is to show a private album icon and info for private albums by setting this to yes will not show the picture or info

Characters forbidden in filenames
Current Value: $/:*?"'<>|`  forbiden_fname_char

When the filename of a picture that is uploaded contains one of these characters, it will be replaced with an underscore.
Don't change this unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Accepted file extensions for uploaded pictures
Current Value: GIF/PNG/JPG/JPEG/TIF/TIFF  allowed_file_extensions

Any file uploaded whose extension is not in this list will be rejected by the script. This is intended to prevent a user from uploading non-image files.
The script can only handle image files, so you won't add support for instance for video files by adding AVI to the list.
The GD library only supports JPEG and PNG images so other types of files will be rejected even if their extension is valid.

Method for resizing images
Current Value: gd2  thumb_method

If you are using GD 1.x and the colors of your thumbnails or intermediate image are wrong then switch to GD 2.x.

Path to ImageMagick 'convert' utility (example /usr/bin/X11/)
Current Value:   impath

If you are using ImageMagick convert utility to resize you picture, you must enter the name of the directory where the convert program is located there. Don't forget the trailing "/".
If your server is running under Windows, use / and not \ to separate components of the path (eg. use C:/ImageMagick/ and not C:\ImageMagick\). This path must not contain any space so under Windows don't put ImageMagick in the "Program files" directory.
ImageMagick will hardly work if PHP on your server is running in SAFE mode and it is a real challenge to get it running under Windows. Consider using GD in these cases and don't waste your time asking for support in the forum. There are too many things that can prevent ImageMagick to work correctly and without a physical access to your server it is hard to guess what is wrong.

Allowed image types (only valid for ImageMagick)
Current Value: JPG/GIF/PNG/TIFF  allowed_img_types

This is the list of image types that the script will accept when using ImageMagick. Image type detection is performed by reading the header of the file and not by looking at its file extension.

Command line options for ImageMagick
Current Value: -antialias  im_options

Here you can add options that will be appended to the command line when executing ImageMagick. Read the ImageMagick Convert manual to see what is available.

Read EXIF data in JPEG files
Current Value: Not Enabled  read_exif_data

With this option turned on, the script will read the EXIF data stored by digicams in JPEG files. This new feature hasn't been fully tested.

Read IPTC data in JPEG files
Current Value: Not Enabled  read_iptc_data

Read IPTC data in JPEG files. This new feature hasn't been fully tested.

The album directory
Current Value: modules/coppermine/albums/  fullpath

This is the base directory for your "Image Store". The path is relative to the main directory of the script.
You can use ../ in the path to move-up one level in the directory tree.
You can not use an absolute path there ("/var/my_images/" will not work) and the album directory must be visible by your web server, you can't use this to serve you pictures from another server.

The directory for user pictures
Current Value: modules/coppermine/albums/userpics/  userpics

This is the directory where pictures uploaded with the web interface are stored. This directory is a subdirectory of the album directory.
The same remarks as above apply.
When you upload pictures by FTP, store them in a subdirectory of the "album directory" and not inside the "directory for user pictures".

Picinfo display filename
Current Value: Not Enabled  picinfo_display_filename

Display the filename in the picinfo section?

Picinfo display album name
Current Value: Enabled  picinfo_display_album_name

Display the album name the image is from in the picinfo section?

Picinfo display_file_size
Current Value: Not Enabled  picinfo_display_file_size

Display the fieldsize (50KB) in the picinfo section?

Picinfo display_dimensions
Current Value: Not Enabled  picinfo_display_dimensions

Display the dimensions i.e. (640x480) in the picinfo section?

Picinfo display_count_displayed
Current Value: Not Enabled  picinfo_display_count_displayed

Display the amount of times the picture has been displayed in the picinfo section?

Picinfo display_URL
Current Value: Not Enabled  picinfo_display_URL

Display the short URL to the picture in the picinfo section? if you chose to set "Display the short URL to the picture as a bookmark link" to yes that's how this link will be displayed, you do not have to set this value to yes to have the bookmark link to work

Picinfo display URL as bookmark link
Current Value: Enabled  picinfo_display_URL_bookmark

Display the short URL to the picture as a bookmark link in the picinfo section?

Picinfo display fav album link
Current Value: Enabled   picinfo_display_favorites

Display the add to favorites album in the picinfo section? This new feature allows user to have a personal favorites album that lasts as long as they have the cookie

Cookies & Charset settings

Name of the cookie used by the script
Current Value: cpg  cookie_name

Default value is "cpgnuke". Use a different cookie name for each install if you have more than one coppermine install!

Path of the cookie used by the script
Current Value: /html/  cookie_path

Default value is "/". Change this value to the path of your nuke install /html/.

Character encoding
Current Value: language file  charset

This should normally be set to "Default (language file)" or "Unicode (utf-8)". See the discussion in the "language" section of this page.

Enable debug mode
Current Value: Enabled  debug_mode

If you have problems turn this on and paste the content in your post to the forum (don't worry in our version this info only shows to admin not the general public)

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