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13. 4: Porting Applications to CPG Dragonfly CMS™ Parent

The following posts are a re-write of Alexm's post on Porting Applications to 8.x. You can see the original post HERE.

Porting Applications to CPG Dragonfly CMS™:

The purpose of this document is to outline some of the changes required to properly port an application (module, block, whatever) to work properly within the CPG Dragonfly CMS™ framework.

As each application is different, these procedures are to be considered as guidelines only. If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to the Modules or Blocks forum.

Before you begin porting any code, you should always check with the original author and check the licensing requirements. In the best scenario, you can convince the original author to support their module under CPG Dragonfly CMS™ and avoid having to do the porting yourself. If the author is unavailable or unwilling, *and* the source code is released under a reasonable open source license, then you're pretty much free to port away. Before you port, familiarize yourself with the license and any restrictions that may be present. Generally, most require that whatever copyright notices they currently have remain unchanged. After all, you are porting the application and not writing your own -- so the copyright on the end result remains in the hands of it's creator, not you!

Please note that while source code examples are given in this document, they are not intended to actually do anything useful. The source code fragments shown have not been tested and may not even parse correctly. These are shown for reference purposes only.

Please note that these documents are a work in progress. Portions may be incomplete or incorrect.

Part ONE
Database Queries
index.php, modules.php and admin.php vs getlink() and adminlink()
How to Make a CPG Dragonfly CMS™ Auto-Installer
File Locations, File Locations, and File Locations
Part TWO
Cookies and Users
Basic Security Precautions
Register Globals - Importing Data

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